With fans already excited for one of the most popular entries in the Devil May Cry series to join its predecessors on the Nintendo Switch, producer Matt Walker has further fueled fans’ anticipation with the promise that “a little something extra” will be added to the upcoming port of Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition.

In a tweet posted to the official Devil May Cry Twitter account, Walker said that because the team knows “that this game holds a special place in all of your hearts” they felt “motivated,” said with emphasis in reference to the popular meme surrounding series antagonist Vergil,  to “add a little something extra that you’re all really gonna like.”

A follow-up tweet from the account provided a calendar of reveal dates for the “three little extra features” coming to the game early this year:

Fans have speculated that one of the features may be a playable Vergil mode, given the reference to the ‘motivated’ meme and the use of the purple devil emoji in the second tweet.

Some fans have also theorized that one of the features will be a modern style switching system, as screenshots from the official website have shown that Dante’s styles are now displayed above the health bar, as opposed to the original release which did not display style names due to requiring players to pause the game and hard switch styles at the beginning of missions or at Divinity Statues:


Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Switch Port Will Have “a Little Something Extra”

The Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition for Nintendo Switch follows ports of the original Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition goes on sale February 20, 2020.

What do you think these little extra features will be?

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