YouTuber Tara Natalia demands that the media “stop sexually harassing Henry Cavill.”

In a video posted to her YouTube channel, Natalia documents numerous cases which she believes are interviewers and members of the media sexually harassing Superman and The Witcher actor Henry Cavill.

Natalia explains, “I believe Hollywood has been sexually harassing Henry Cavill for approximately 10  years now.”

She adds, “I was going through cast interviews for the new Netflix TV show, The Witcher…and I noticed some pretty odd innuendos that the interviewers were saying during the interview in front of the entire cast, and an audience, and a camera.”

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She continued, “The more I deep-dived into other interviews, I saw this pattern or meme or whatever many, many times.”

Natalia points to a number of interviews where she believes Cavill is being sexually harassed.

She starts off with a clip from San Diego Comic Con 2019, where the host begins brazenly complimenting Henry Cavill’s looks.

“First of all, I want to say it’s a shame that you are unattractive. It just sucks that you have no muscles.”

At the same panel, the host would also chime in saying, “I often have his voice in my head.”

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Natalia would then point out two clips from Live with Michael and Kelly that she describes as “inappropriate comments made to Henry Cavill in professional interviews.”

In one of the clips Ripa says, “Henry, I’m just going to go out on a limb and say if an alien was living here on Earth and he looked like you people might not be upset about it. Even if he had all these strange powers, people might say, ‘Come on. He’s just like us, only he just flies.'”

Natalia then explains what she finds the most perturbing about the clips:

“I think what I find the most perturbing about these clips is that he’s obviously there to talk about the movie and his craft and his work in the movie. He knows the story really well, he’s a fan of the comic books, he’s obviously really passionate about it, and yet people keep changing the topic entirely to talk about his looks.”

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She continues, “It makes me think that maybe people don’t know a lot about him. That’s the only thing they can talk about is how good looking he is. I don’t know why they keep saying it.”

She adds, “It’s disrespectful and every time it happens you look at his face and obviously he hates it.”

Natalia then provides a number of other examples including the Jay Leno Show, Katie, BuzzFeed, an Australian TV show.

Natalia concludes her video saying, “People have just been saying weird stuff to Henry for the better part of 10 years. I think it’s wrong. I think it needs to stop. I’m not trying to white knight anyone, but it’s gross.”

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She adds, “I know he’s good looking. I know studios market him as being a sex symbol. But just because someone is marketed as a sex symbol doesn’t mean you can treat them like shit and say anything to them and make them feel uncomfortable. It’s not right. It needs to stop. That’s my piece.”

She concludes, “I hope that this stops so we can all be saved from future cringey ass interviews going forward.”

What do you make of Tara Natalie’s call for Hollywood media to stop sexually harassing Henry Cavill?

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