Shortly after completing his Final Fantasy VIII speed run for the Games Done Quick charity video game speed-running event, speedrunner Luzbelheim has been issued an 18-month submission ban due to his anti-feminist views and support of Spain’s Vox political party.

Viewers took issue with Luzbelheim before he began his run, particularly with the anti-feminist views espoused on his personal Twitter account, such as featuring the phrase “I hate feminazism” in his bio, retweeting anti-feminist memes, and and a tweet voicing his support of the economic policy of the far-right Vox political party:

Games Done Quick Issues Submission Ban to Speedrunner Luzbelheim for Anti-Feminist Views

One of the first outlets to cover this controversy, The Daily Dot, declared that Luzbelheim held “bigoted views” and criticized the charity event by declaring that they found it “baffling that the vetting process it has in place allowed Luzbelheim to make it to stream.”

Another outlet quick to report on the story, The Gamer, labeled him a “far-right ultra-nationalist”  and took issue with the fact that “while Luzbelheim only praised the economic policy of Spain’s Vox party, he did so without mention one way or another of their nationalist ideology, which for many defines the party and overshadows any of their other platforms.”

In response to another user on Twitter, Luzbelheim informed them that he was told immediately after he had finished his run had he had been banned from speed running for 18 months:

On the /r/speedrun subreddit, user /u/GhostKingG1 clarified that “its [sp] a submission ban” and that “they didn’t take Luz’s badge or anything.”

In response to a bombardment of questions from numerous users, Luzbelheim clarified his views on Twitter, stating that he was not anti-feminism or anti-woman, that he had a nuanced opinion on the entirety of the Vox party, and chastised western critics for their lack of understanding of Spanish politics:

He also addressed those on the opposite end of the spectrum who supported him because he was “mocking feminists/pronouns,” distancing himself from these users by telling them to “fokoff as well”:

According to Luzbelheim, he has recently given an interview to “a Kotaku journalist,” and explained to those who warned him of Kotaku’s sometimes questionable coverage of issues pertaining to politics and social views, that he was optimistic about the impending coverage because “it is the only media that actually tried to check my point of view.”

As of writing, the Games Done Quick organization has yet to issue an official statement regarding the ban.

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