Could Joe Manganiello be hinting at a return to Deathstroke in time for Andy Muschietti’s Flash movie. It’s possible given the director’s most recent comments.

Manganiello posed for a photo with Justice League costar Jason Momoa and Anthrax’s Scott Ian backstage at a December Slayer concert and posted it to Instagram.

The True Blood actor used a very “interesting choice of hashtag,” as one Redditor put it.

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He tagged the pic “#flashpoint” along with #anthrax, #deathsaves, and #slayer. How Manganiello’s post appears on Instagram is below:

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And here is the Reddit post:

Veeeeeeeeeery interesting choice of hashtag there from Deathstroke in his pic with Aquaman. Especially now in light of Muschietti’s Flashpoint comments. from DCEUleaks

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In light of plans for Deathstroke to be the villain in The Batman getting scrapped and The Flash potentially rebooting the DC Extended Universe, we thought Manganiello was done after Justice League but maybe not.

Andy Muschietti revealed earlier this week his Flash movie will adapt or incorporate Flashpoint. More than likely, this is an effort on Warner Bros. part to wipe the slate clean for DC film continuity – similar to The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event.

Manganiello may be indicating he and Slade Wilson have some part to play in Flashpoint, if he’s not simply promoting it’s on the way. What exactly remains to be seen.


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Even if he doesn’t show up in The Flash, Manganiello might stick around as the master assassin going forward. Ezra Miller, Gal Gadot, and Jason Momoa are still playing their DC heroes. Rebooting and recasting aren’t the same thing.

Deathstroke was featured in numerous DC film and TV adaptations in the last decade. Aside from the end-credits cameo in Justice League, he was a big figure on Arrow (played by Manu Bennett) and season two of Titans on DC Universe (played by Esai Morales).

The character also had a rather forgettable misfire of a guest slot on Smallville during its last few seasons – the less said, honestly, the better.


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In animation, Deathstroke can be seen in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies and his own show on CW Seed which reviews call violent but true to the character.

What say you? If Joe Manganiello comes back to Deathstroke and the DCEU are you down? Let us know.

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