In #ReleaseTheSnyderCut news, Jason Momoa confirmed he’s finally seen Zack Snyder’s much-talked-about, unfinished version of the 2017 film Justice League – whatever it entails and however complete it is.

He also revealed it’s very different from the theatrical release in a big way. On Instagram, Momoa shared an image of his Aquaman impaling Steppenwolf with his trusty trident. Wonder Woman looks on while a portal or Boom Tube looms over them in the background.

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Snyder followed up on Vero by posting a still from an unfinished visual effect indicating Wonder Woman deals the fatal blow to Steppenwolf. Unsure how they killed Steppenwolf when Joss Whedon took over, meaning he still hasn’t seen the movie, Snyder wrote: “I use Gods to kill Gods.”


Folks who saw Justice League know Steppenwolf doesn’t die at the end. Instead, fearful the tide of battle shifted, Parademons lock onto his emotions, turning on him and chasing him back into a Boom Tube. Steppenwolf’s fate beyond that is unclear in the theatrical cut.

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The slaying of Steppenwolf is just one part of Zack Snyder’s unrealized ending to Justice League. Last year, he revealed on Vero Darkseid was slated to make an appearance, retrieving Steppenwolf’s body through a Boom Tube and staring back down at the League who find out their fight for Earth was far from over.

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Snyder’s plans included a trilogy in which Darkseid would’ve decimated Earth, killed Lois, and gotten control of Superman – fully manifesting the circumstances of Batman v Superman’s Knightmare sequence. The League’s only hope was Flash, Batman, and Cyborg undoing events with time travel via the Cosmic Treadmill.

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Any Snyder Cut wouldn’t be finished as Snyder didn’t get the chance to film everything. A pivotal scene revealing General Swanwick as Martian Manhunter is only a storyboard since Swanwick actor Harry Lennix never filmed his part of it, as far as we know.

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Kevin Smith caught wind of the Cut’s existence from people that worked on the film. While he contends it’s “not a mythical beast,” he cautioned in August to Cinema Blend, “We’re not talking a finished movie.”

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Momoa revealed to MTV he finally saw the Snyder Cut after a year of wanting to. He wants the public to see it and asserts Snyder could finish the movie.

The video of the interview is below but here is the pertinent exchange. Momoa seems to get annoyed by a few questions:

“MTV: So is that partially why when we spoke about a year ago and I brought up the Snyder Cut, you were like ‘F*** yeah, I need to see it’?

Jason Momoa: Yeah, absolutely. But I have seen it, so. I have seen the Snyder Cut, so…

MTV: So what does that mean? Because the effects aren’t done. Like, you’ve seen his assemblage of footage and alternate takes, etc.?

Jason Momoa: Oh, you you think Zack couldn’t finish it?

MTV: I don’t know, you tell me.

Jason Momoa: I mean, listen, man. Next question.

MTV: Do you think we’ll ever see it, do you think the public will ever see it? It seems like the groundswell has grown…

Jason Momoa: I think the public needs to see it. I’m obviously indebted to Warners and DC, and I don’t know how they feel about it. As a fan, I’m very very happy that I got to see it.

MTV: Does it feel like a totally different movie than the Justice League that was released?

Jason Momoa: Yeah.

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