We thought we knew everything concerning Zack Snyder’s Justice League and its intended sequels by now. But he had at least one more big reveal to drop this week on Vero, as he often does. And it answered a question many fans had: how Martian Manhunter would get incorporated.

All the relevant Leaguers were accounted for except for J’onn J’onnz who would’ve crept up eventually. As it turns out, according to Snyder, J’onn was hiding in plain sight the whole time. Secretly, General Calvin Swanwick played by Harry Lennix in Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman was the shapeshifting alien in disguise.

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Snyder confirmed this with a storyboard for a deleted scene from his Justice League cut. In it, Martha Kent is talking with Lois Lane and when Lois walks away Martha transforms into J’onn, who was posing as Ma Kent, and then into Swanwick – thus divulging the General’s true identity.

In the caption of the Vero post, Snyder wrote, “This is something That you probably Didn’t know.”

Lennix wasn’t in the final cut of Justice League but Snyder says he meant to include his side as J’onn which would’ve been filmed in LA.

It’s odd when you think about why J’onn would use his powers to climb the ladder of the armed forces – going from a Lt. General in Man of Steel to Secretary of Defense in Batman v. Superman – but that’s what he did on Supergirl by assuming the identity of Hank Henshaw.

Snyder Cut

Obviously, Snyder’s plans for the Justice League didn’t work out. He left and Joss Whedon took the reins for reshoots that gave the movie a scaled-back vision, turning DC’s Extended Universe in the direction it’s headed since Aquaman.

Snyder was going to add a lot more, including Darkseid, and take some things away, such as Silas Stone and Lois Lane. Their deaths would’ve advanced a story arc that was meant to be told in a two-hour-plus cut of Justice League and two proposed sequels. Even the confusing Knightmare sequence in BVS was going to be explained.

The Snyder Cut has a lot of supporters who really want to see it. Insiders attest to its authenticity – Kevin Smith, for instance, who cautions it is “by no means” finished – and all year the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign’s been gaining traction. Signs went up at San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con in efforts to raise money and gain exposure.

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A League of Their Own

Warner Bros. might give the League another whirl once they reboot the DCEU. J.J. Abrams might follow up on the Superman movie he has wanted to do for years with a Justice League feature down the road.

And he could get his chance. Abrams is reportedly in “conversation” for Superman, Green Lantern, and Justice League now that he’s landed a major deal with WB.

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Secret Agent Martian

Harry Lennix denied he was Martian Manhunter in a 2016 tweet. Either keeping plans a secret or genuinely uninformed, he wrote then, “Not the Manhunter but someone else thought I should be. It would be cool.” That someone is probably Zack Snyder.

If Warner is developing a Martian Manhunter solo film, Lennix might still get a chance at the last Green Martian on the big screen.