Graphic Artist Imagines Christian Bale as the MCU’s Mephisto

Graphic artist Boss Logic whipped up some digital magic and imagined former Batman actor Christian as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Mephisto.

Boss Logic imagined Bale as Mephisto shortly after a report indicated that the actor was in talks to star in the Taika Waititi directed Thor: Love and Thunder.

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That report didn’t indicate what character Bale could play, but it appears Boss Logic is angling for Mephisto.

Here’s how Boss Logic imagined Christian Bale as Mephisto:

While it’s unclear what role Bale is in discussions for, Charles Murphy at Murphy’s Multiverse detailed that he heard Bale’s role is for a motion caption character.

Murphy’s source told him, “I’m hearing it’s for a mo-cap role but still looking into it.”

When Murphy pressed him on whether or not it could be Dario Agger, the source responded, “Yeah, but they also mentioned Beta Ray Bill.”

Given this information from his source Murphy speculates he could be playing Dario Agger aka Minotaur, Beta Ray Bill, or even Gorr the God Butcher.

Dario Agger

Dario Agger is the CEO of Roxxon Energy Corporation. It is the most powerful corporation on Earth in the Marvel Universe, and aims to make as much money as possible without regard for any negative consequences.

Not only is Agger the CEO of Roxxon Energy, but at the age of 9 he was gifted the ability to transform into a Minotaur. This gift came after his entire family including his parents, his brothers, and sisters as well as his aunts and uncles and cousins were brutally murdered by pirates. Agger was the only one to survive and prayed all night in a cave for “death and power and revenge.”

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill was actually introduced in Thor: Ragnarok. His visage appears on the Grandmaster’s tower in Sakaar and shows him as one of the Grandmaster’s past champions. In fact, the character was actually supposed to make his live-action debut in the film, but the scene was cut.

In the comics, Beta Ray Bill is the champion of the few remaining survivors of the Korbinite race. As champion he was cybernetically enhanced and was tasked with defending his people from an onslaught of Surtur’s fire demons.

Beta Ray Bill

He eventually enters the Milky Way galaxy and encounters Thor. The two end up fighting, with Beta Ray Bill besting Thor and then taking up Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Beta Ray Bill would best Thor a second time, but refused to take the Asgardian’s life. Odin would reward him with his own weapon, Stormbreaker.

Gorr the God Butcher

Gorr the God Butcher was an alien struck by grief after he lost his pregnant mate and all of his children. Following these tragedies, Gorr would denounced the gods causing him to be exiled by his tribe.

In his exile, Gorr would encounter a battle between two gods, one clad in dark black armor and the other in golden yellow. When the god in golden armor calls out for help, Gorr is enraged questioning him, “Where were you when we needed our Gods?!”

Gorr the God Butcher

In his rage, he bonds with the symbiote called All-Black and wields the All-Black Necrosword. After bonding with the symbiote, he killed the golden armored god and then sets off on a crusade to kill all of the gods.

What do you make of Boss Logic’s mock up of Christian Bale as Mephisto? Who do you think Christian Bale could play in Thor: Love and Thunder?

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