The latest plot rumors surrounding Star Trek: Picard from 4Chan appear to have been proven correct following the premiere of the first episode.

What do the leaks say?

The rumors shared to Twitter from 4Chan by user Angry Mr Flibble detail how Dahj, the female lead we see in the trailer being helped by Picard, is in fact a new form of Lt. Commander Data. She’s not the only one, she has a twin sister who also has a positronic brain.

The twins are a new embodiment of the android, something that Starfleet had been attempting to replicate for many years as seen in a few episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation.

The leaks also detailed that Bruce Maddox, the creator of Dahj, is modeled after Donald Trump and will be the main antagonist. The leaks detail that he was behind the android rebellion, as seen in the Children of Mars short, that crippled the armada charged with rescuing the Romulans from the supernova.

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The leak continues stating that Dr. Beverly Crusher will be confirmed to be dead by episode 9. It also details that the two agreed that a relationship between them would not work. This resulted in Picard living alone.

Alison Pill’s character, named Jurati, will be revealed to have been born a male. The character is also expected to a comedic back and forth with the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH).

The character of Rios will die in order to save someone’s life toward the end of the season, but will technically be available for a second season since his EMH doppelganger will take his place on the crew.

Star Trek Picard

The leak continued saying the show would touch on the opioid crisis we’re seeing in the United States as Raffi will be revealed to be addicted to pain killers. Though at some point earlier in the season it looks like she was able to get clean, she ends up relapsing later in the season due to Narek.

The leak adds that Hugh is working for what’s left of the Romulans. He is dismantling the Borg Cube in order to harness its technology as well as deprogramming the drones and rehabilitating them.

Seven of Nine will join a group called the Fenris Rangers. They are describes as  a group of people helping refugees around the galaxy. She also has a gripe with Starfleet due to their passive role in rescuing Borg drones.

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The Romulan agent Narek, turns out to be the ultimate twist of the first season. Not only was he truly behind Maddox’s attack on Mar’s Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, but he’s a Borg sleeper agent; assimilated, but not activated until later.

Then theirs a connection with the Kelvin Timeline Trek films as we learn that the Narada, the mining vessel used by Nero to follow Spock into the past which caused the new timeline, was in-fact augmented with Borg technology. It’s how they ended up with missiles.

The leak details that season one ends with another TNG era connection, with Q making his first, yet short appearance in the last episode.

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You can see the 4Chan leaks below or in Doomcock’s video above.

First Episode Seems To Confirm Some Leaks

Some of these leaks have already been confirmed to be true. YouTuber Gary Buechler in his review of Star Trek: Picard Episode 1 confirms a number of the leaks.

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An attack on the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards by rogue synthetics prevented the Federation from rescuing the people of Romulus. This attack caused the Federation to ban synthetics.

The leak about Dahj being Lt. Commander Data also appears to be confirmed. After Dahj shows up at his French chateau, Picard travels to San Francisco to the Starfleet Archive Museum. There he discovers a painting a Data left of him showing Dahj. The painting is titled, “Daughter” and it is one of a pair.

As Picard is leaving the Starfleet Archive Museum, he encounters Dahj, who is on the run. He details that when she was attacked earlier in the episode, it was a “wake-up call” or a “positronic alarm bell” that activated her android abilities.

Star Trek Picard

Soon after Dahj meets Picard at the museum, they are attacked by a number of hooded figures, with one being unmasked and revealed to be a Romulan. An explosion occurs and Picard awakens back at his chateau believing Dahj is dead.

After awakening at his chateau, Picard travels to the Daystrom Institute and meets with Doctor Agnes Jurati and inquires about the possibility of creating sentient androids out of flesh and blood. While there they discover that Bruce Maddox was working on creating Soong-type androids. In fact, he recruited Agnes Jurati. However, he left Daystrom after the ban on developing the technology was implemented.

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While it appeared the technology had not been developed, Picard shows Jurati Dahj’s necklace, which she had given him when they first met. Upon seeing the necklace, she recognizes a symbol for “fractal neuronic cloning” on the necklace. She explains it was a radical idea of Maddox’s that would have allowed him to create a new android using Data’s memories. Jurati also details that these androids were created in pairs, meaning Dahj has a twin.

As the episode ends, Dahj’s twin is working at the Romulan Reclamation Site and is going by the name of Dr. Asha Soji. She meets with Narek and details that the necklace, an identical one that Dahj gave to Picard, was made by her father and is a match to the one her twin sister wears. Narek then details that he too had a brother, although not a twin, and reveals he died unexpectedly last year.

Star Trek Picard

The episode then reveals that the Romulan Reclamation Site is inside the wreckage of a Borg cube, hinting at the authenticity of the Hugh storyline.

So far the first episode has confirmed a few of the leaks, though we’ll need to see how the rest of the season pans out to know if the rest of the leaks hold up.

With the release of the first episode and the reveal that the 4chan rumors turned out to be true how do you feel about Star Trek: Picard? Will you continue to watch, or have these rumor confirmations soured you away from the series? I want to hear from you, what do you think? Do these rumors cause you to be concerned about Star Trek: Picard and the future of the franchise?

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