Leaked Eternals artwork shows off Richard Madden’s Ikaris as well as Lauren Ridloff’s Ajak and a glimpse at what appears to be Angelina Jolie’s Thena.

Richard Madden’s Ikaris was leaked by Eternals Brasil. It shows Madden’s Ikaris wearing a blue skin-tight costume with a yellow circle in the middle of his chest. You can see a silver arm band on his left hand.

His right hand is glowing red and yellow with what appears to be some kind of energy.

He also appears to have a rather ornate belt, although due to the low quality of the image it’s hard to tell.

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Here’s a better look.

And here’s what Ikaris looked like in Jack Kirby’s Eternals #3 when we got the first real good look of him in his superhero costume.

It definitely looks like he’s getting a rather drastic redesign.

Not only was Madden’s Ikaris leaked, but Lauren Ridloff’s Ajak was as well.

Here’s a better look.

You can see Ajak on the right. While Ikaris’ costume is predominantly blue, Ajak’s appears to be predominantly gold with blue accents. You can see the blue shoulderpads as well as blue underneath her elbows. The blue also runs down the center of her costume. She also appears to be generating some kind of energy or wielding something in her right hand, but it’s hard to tell.

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Here’s what Ajak looked like in the comics. You can see him standing next to Ikaris below.

The character looks drastically different from Jack Kirby’s original design from his Eternals series in the 1970s. First off, the character is a different gender as Ajak is now a woman. It appears Ajak’s purple cape and loincloth are no more. His scale-like armor appears to be replaced by some kind sleek metallic design. It also appears as if Ajak will not have a helmet or the sunglasses.

The image of Ajak above also appears to show Angelina Jolie’s Thena standing next to her in her gold armor.

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Here’s what Thena looked like in the comics.


It looks like they are giving her more of a Wonder Woman look. She’s not wearing full body armor as her legs appear to be exposed. She also appears to be wearing a combination of shin guards and knee guards.

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What do you make of these leaked costume designs?