WWE Superstar CJ “Lana” Perry took to Instagram to share her new Captain Marvel inspired costume.

Perry wrote on Instagram, “I’m the greatest & the most Ravishing WWE Superstar in history !!! I’m here to save the world !!!”

Here’s a better look:

What’s really interesting about Perry’s costume is that she has taken the new Captain Marvel design elements and placed it on the old Ms. Marvel costume.

Here’s what the old Ms. Marvel costume looked like if you need a refresher.

Ms. Marvel

And here’s the more recent Captain Marvel design.

This isn’t the first time CJ “Lana” Perry has paid tribute to a comic book character. Back in April last year, she showed off a Wonder Woman-inspired costume.

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Red Gear ❤️ or Yellow Gear 💛

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She also shared a video of her wearing the outfit and eliminating Ember Moon in a Battle Royal.

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Say it with me “Lana is the Best Lana ……? “

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For Halloween 2018 she also dressed up as Harley Quinn.

She’s also posted photos sporting her love for comic books as she donned a Batman-themed beanie back in February 2018.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, she also expressed her love for Star Wars. She told them, “I’m a big Star Wars fan. Look at my shirt. I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says… It’s Leia on it and it goes, ‘Well behaved women seldom take down empires.'”

She would also reveal her favorite Star Wars films, “I would definitely say the Empire Strikes Back is one of my favorites, hence the shirt. But for sure Return of the Jedi is going to be my all time one hundred percent favorite.”

Perry added, “The Return of the Jedi made me always. It was happiness. While Empire Strikes Back, I was really, really sad because of Han Solo being frozen at the end.”

She continued, “I would definitely say Return of the Jedi is my all time favorite.”

What do you make of CJ “Lana” Perry’s take on the Captain Marvel costume? What about her old Wonder Woman-inspired costume?

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