“I am the mind. I am the conscience.”

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Dawn of X era of X-Men books that followed Powers of X and House of X, you might not understand how things work. Similar to the approach that Fox was taking with the X-Men line of movies towards the end – each book has a different feel – or perhaps, genre. While they all move to the tune of Jonathan Hickman, they each address a different piece of the X-Men’s new world.

X-Men: X-Force #6 Unveils the Team Leader, as well as new Threat!

Marauders is a Kitty Pryde centric book and revolves around the economic situation of the nation. Fallen Angels stars Kwannon (Psylocke) and delves into the criminal underworld. Excalibur is a magical-based title. New Mutants tells the story of the younger batch of Krakoans, and X-Men is the flagship title that just sort of goes where it needs to be. Finally, X-Force is the island black ops and counter-intelligence suite.

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Of the six books currently on the shelves, X-Force is one of the largest – second only to New Mutants. The title includes heavy-hitters Professor-X, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Beast, and Forge as well as Quinton Quire, Domino, Sage, and Black Tom Cassidy. A lot of experience and ego to reign in for sure. Funny enough, the conductor of this orchestra of destruction is arguably it’s softest touch. Beast.

X-Men: X-Force #6 Unveils the Team Leader, as well as new Threat!

The book is narrated by him as he directs X-Force over comms while dealing with their newest threat. Something that he fears can become as deadly as anything else they’ve faced in the past. A biological plant-based weapon system not unlike what Forge has created using Krakoa as a base. Acting very much like nano-tech, the biomass attacks and assimilates its hosts turning them into what Beast describes as “the organic equivalent of an Omega Sentinel.”

X-Men: X-Force #6 Unveils the Team Leader, as well as new Threat!

If you weren’t around in the late 1990s or paid much attention to Karima Shapandar – then the term probably doesn’t mean much to you. Omega Sentinels were humans infected with nano-tech that both brainwashed and physically transformed them into living mutant detecting, sleeper, murder-cyborgs.

In Powers of X, it’s revealed that they are a key factor in the creation of a Nimrod and the Mutant-Machine Supremacy that eventually drive mutants out of the entire solar system.

X-Men: X-Force #6 Unveils the Team Leader, as well as new Threat!

Without having to say, the idea of something similar occurring on an organic level is terrifying and may happen at a much more rapid pace. If left unchecked, it’d spread like a disease – possibly even turn the entire planet against mutantkind.

Since the beginning of the series, X-Force has hoped to put off and stop forces that would threaten Krakoa – but they’ve been faced with new ones almost every turn.

X-Men: X-Force #6 Unveils the Team Leader, as well as new Threat!

What’s also interesting is Beast’s level of arrogance. For all intents and purposes, the X-Men have beat the world at their own game. They’ve taken over a large chunk of the world’s economic apparatus and are out-pacing just about every super-power in the field of technology. Beast has been no small part of this success. From the sound of his diatribe, it may have gone to his head.

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