Rumor: Hush Planned as the Villain for The Batman’s Sequel

Production only just started on The Batman but director Matt Reeves may already be looking ahead to a sequel, and Reeves allegedly has a villain picked out.

According to a “new scoop” on the r/DCEUleaks Reddit page, Reeves has Hush in mind. He won’t adapt the storyline beat-for-beat, however, and will “combine it with other smaller storylines…not yet seen in TV” or at the cinema – or so the post says.

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Read the rumor in full for yourself below:

The writer deems it confirmed, rather boldly, and claims to have an inside source but – until further notice – this rumor is purely speculative. Exciting as it may be, remember to have a bag of salt with you.

Hush was the mastermind behind the twisting plot of the celebrated Batman: Hush graphic novel by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. Created by Loeb and Lee, Hush turned out to be Tommy Elliot, a surgeon and childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who performed life-saving surgery to Wayne’s skull after he suffered a nasty fall.

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Elliot was in the 2019 animated adaptation of the story but wasn’t the man under the bandages in the end.


A sequel to The Batman is practically inevitable depending on who you ask, though not guaranteed. Reports circulate the film will spawn a trilogy Reeves is ready for and Warner Bros. is banking on one.

But the first installment, if you will, isn’t out yet and there are no box-office projections, even crude ones, to speak of this early.

We don’t even know who the main bad guy is going to be in The Batman. Penguin (Colin Farrell) is the solid bet although some speculate Edward Nashton, aka Riddler (Paul Dano), is going to wind up the real central foe since mysteries that drive the Dark Knight crazy tend to be his game.

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This could feed right into the sequel. Riddler helped orchestrate Elliot’s plan in the comic and gave him all the intel he needed.

They went a step further in the HUSH animated feature and made Riddler Hush outright. Reeves might’ve taken a few notes.

Another rumor is Harvey Dent gets introduced either in The Batman or part 2 and will become Two-Face in the third. We don’t know who will play Dent exactly but Matthew McConaughey’s name has been thrown out there – in yet more rumor and innuendo.

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It’s also believed the Gotham District Attorney is the real character Peter Sarsgaard plays. He and wife Maggie Gyllenhaal – whose Bat cred goes without saying – teased as much on Instagram some months back.

A bald Dent showed up in the HUSH storyline under bandages so maybe Reeves will kill two birds with one stone the second time around and make Hush a precursor to Two-Face in a singular way.

Filming now, The Batman hits theaters June 2021. Reportedly based on The Long Halloween, Reeves, much like the above Reddit leak suggests, isn’t adapting every last detail of the story.

Do you pay any mind to this rumor? Is Hush your go-to for a sequel? Leave us a comment

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