Actor Corin Nemec Wants a New Stargate Series – Offers to Star In It!

Actor Corin Nemec, who played Jonas Quinn in Stargate SG-1, threw his support behind showrunner Jospeh Malozzi’s campaign to launch a new Stargate show.

Not only did Nemec throw his support behind the campaign to launch a new Stargate show, but he also offered to star in it.

Nemec shared a video with YouTuber Orville Nation declaring his support for the campaign and indicating his desire to star in a new Stargate show.

Nemec stated, “I wish so badly that I had gotten this shout out down in time to support Joseph Malozzi’s Twitter storm campaign, which was December 6th. It is extremely important to support Brad Wright and the entire production staff on these campaigns. Unfortunately, I was en route here to the UK in that time period and was unable to participate myself.”

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He continued, “I personally, even though I am biased, love Stargate. And would love nothing more than to see Stargate back up in action with a new show.”

Nemec then indicated his interest in starring in the new show when it happens, “I know the chances of myself sliding in there would be relatively slim, but that said, I would of course throw my hat in the ring if I don’t have one.”

He concluded his shout out saying, “Hey guys, love ya. Love Orville Nation. You guys are the best. I am so sorry that I missed the campaign deadline myself, but duty calls. Duty calls my friends. God bless and I will speak to you soon.”

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Nemec previously announced he was campaigning for a role on Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville for an episode that was expected to shoot in December. It’s possible his inability to join in on the Stargate Twitter storm campaign was because he landed the spot on The Orville and was filming!

As for a new Stargate show, Joseph Mallozzi indicated it was in the hands of potential distributors following a global Stargate Tweetstorm on January 25th. That Tweetstorm trended in the top 10 in France, Germany, and Canada according to Mallozzi.

He wrote on his blog, “The potential homes of a new series were blasted with a reminder that Stargate fandom is out there – and very much looking forward to a new in-canon series. The rest is up to them…”

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