Stargate villains, the Goa’uld are attempting to stop Joseph Mallozzi’s upcoming Tweetstorm for a new Stargate series.

In an announcement video promoting the upcoming Tweetstorm, the Goa’uld arrive to interrupt Mallozzi’s video.

However, Mallozzi’s determined to make the Tweetstorm happen. He states, “Not to panic, but not everybody wants new Stargate, least of all the Goa’uld, but it’s not going to let them stop us.”

He adds, “Basically, just remember to show up. Friday, December the 6th. 9 PM ET 6 PM PT. We are going to show up on Twitter. We are going to Tweet our hearts out. I will see you there. Hopefully.”

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Mallozzi previously indicated this campaign isn’t just for a new Stargate series, but “an in-canon series, one that offers an easy jumping on point for new viewers yet still honors seventeen years of sci-fi t.v. history.”

And he believes this is the prime time for a new Stargate series due to the new paradigm with streaming and Brad Wright’s renewed involvement in the franchise.

“Between the rise of the streamers, the quest for marquee content, and Brad Wright’s renewed involvement in the franchise, I think we’re nearing critical mass. And this upcoming tweet storm will help us achieve it.”

Not only will the Tweetstorm focus on getting a new in-canon Stargate series, but Mallozzi also promises there will be plenty of giveaways during the hour long tweetstorm.

On his blog he showcased a Stargate Ark of Truth/Continuum crew gift hoodie.

Other giveaways include art department packages from Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: Universe’s The Hunt.

He will also be giving away set blueprints and layouts.

And there’s even episode-related concept art.

It’s not just Stargate giveaways. Mallozzi will also be giving away some Dark Matter material. He will be giving away a Galactic Authority jacket as well as a cast-signed script from Dark Matter Episode 208 titled “Stuff To Steal, People To Kill.”

Take a look at the cast-signed script.

For those planning to participate in the Tweetstorm, Mallozzi does lay out some rules to follow.

They read:

“1. We will post a hashtag to @StargateNow 15 minutes before the event.
2. Do not use the tag before the designated time.
3. Include only one hashtag per tweet (the one we give you)
4. Retweets are important; Don’t use “quote tweet”
5. Less is more, keep your tweets fairly short
6. GIFs and pictures will help us trend faster
7. Make sure your account is public and your location is set.”

He does recommend that you tag @StargateCommand and @bradtravelers in your tweets.

The Tweetstorm takes place on Friday, December 6th at 9 PM ET and 6 PM PT.

Will you be joining the Stargate Tweetstorm? Which giveaway are you most interested in?

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