Actors Bella Thorne and Malin Akerman recently took to Instagram to share a number of photos for their upcoming film, Chick Fight.

The photos, seen below, show Thorne showing off her MMA skills. Thorne captioned the photos simply writing, “CHICK FIGHT new movie.”

In the first photo she appears to have Akerman’s character in a rear naked chokehold.

The second appears to show Thorne reveling in a victory as a fan cheers wildly against the cage.

The third photo shows Thorne in the cage fighting another woman with a number of people watching outside the cage.

The fourth photo is another look at the same fight. This time it appears Thorne’s character might be giving her opponent a knee to the chest.

Thorne also showed off a new hairstyle for the film in a previous Instagram post. She wrote, “New hair New Movie. Learning so many stunts I’m stoked about it.”

Thorne wasn’t the only to share a number of photos from the film.

Akerman also shared a bevy of photos as she announced the film had finished shooting.

Akerman wrote on Instagram, “That’s a wrap! Had an absolute blast making Chick Fight with an amazing cast and crew! Thank you to everyone who participated…for all your passion and love that you poured into this project.”

She continued, “Paul Leyden we did it. Thank you for your leadership and friendship. Really looking forward to sharing this gem with the world. #girlsrule #chickfightmovie #film #puertorico”

Thorne stars in Chick Fight alongside Malin Akerman and Alec Baldwin. The film was originally described as an “action comedy” by Deadline.

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Akerman’s character named Anna is struggling to reconcile with her grief over the death of her beloved mother. Not only is she struggling to reconcile with her mother’s death, but she finds out her father is gay, and accidentally burns down her uninsured coffee shop during a marijuana and alcohol binge.

Anna is taken to an all-women underground fight club where she meets a bevy of eclectic characters including Bella Thorne’s Olivia, who is the most brutal and efficient fighter at the club. Thorne’s Olivia and Akerman’s Anna quickly become rivals both inside the cage and out.

Akerman shared a photo of a number of the women who make up the underground fight club.

As for Baldwin’s character, he is expected to play an aging and reclusive trainer named Jack Murphy, who will take Anna under his wing.

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Director Paul Leyden shared a photo of Baldwin’s Murphy training Akerman’s Anna.

Leyden also shared a number of photos from the underground fight club.

A release date for the film has not been announced.

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