New Rumor Details Spider-Woman Film In The Works With Sony Eyeing Alicia Vikander To Star!

A new rumor details that Marvel and Sony are working on a Spider-Woman film.

This rumor comes after Twitter user ERCboxoffice reported that Marvel and Sony were collaborating on an unnamed new movie scheduled to arrive in theaters on October 8, 2021.

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No further hard details have arrived on this rumored film, but Daniel Richtman added fuel to the rumor mill when he detailed that the film could actually be a Spider-Woman movie.

Richtman wrote on Twitter, “Two months ago I heard they are developing a Spider-Woman movie so it’s likely that one that is set for next year. Maybe.”

Following Richtman’s rumor, The Illuminerdi reported that a Spider-Woman film is apparently happening and they are eyeing Michelle MacLaren to direct. Not only does The Illuminerdi report the film is eyeing MacLaren to direct, but they indicate they are eyeing Tomb Raider actor Alicia Vikander to star as Spider-Woman aka Jessica Drew.

Wild Speculation

While The Illuminerdi is reporting the film is happening, there is still quite a bit of speculation and rumors out there.

Thomas Polito at Geeks World Wide speculates that this rumored Spider-Woman film could actually be the long-rumored Madame Web film. He speculates the film could actually be about Julia Carpenter, who was both the second Spider-Woman and the second Madam Web.

Carpenter became Spider-Woman from the result of scientific experimentation. She was injected with a nearly lethal dose of spider venom. However, she would survive and gain a number of extraordinary abilities similar to Spider-Man.

Carpenter would eventually become the next Madame Web following the events of The Amazing Spider-Man #637. Just before Madame Web succumbed to her wounds inflicted on her by Sasha Kravinoff she transferred her abilities and powers to Carpenter.

While Polito speculates this rumored Spider-Woman movie could also be the Madame Web film, Charles Murphy details a solo Spider-Woman project is in the works with Jessica Drew as the main protagonist.

Murphy details that the Spider-Woman film is a Sony Pictures project with Amy Pascal producing. He also details that Rachel O’Connor, a producer on Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, is executive producing.

He speculates that it could be a joint Sony and Marvel Studios project with the movie leading into a possible Secret Invasion storyline. And there have been rumors that a Secret Invasion storyline is coming to the MCU.

What do you make of these Spider-Woman rumors and theories? Are you interested in seeing Spider-Woman come to the big screen?




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