Artist House of Mat depicted what actor Colin Farrell could look like as the Penguin in the upcoming The Batman film.

House of Mat shared his mock up of Colin Farrell as Penguin back in November when Farrell was still rumored to be cast as The Penguin.

Take a look.

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The Batman director Matt Reeves pretty much confirmed Farrell would be The Penguin in January when he posted a gif of the actor shrugging his shoulders and asked, “Wait — is that you, #Oz ? 🦇”

Farrell confirmed he was playing The Penguin later in January in an interview on The Ellen Show. When asked by Ellen who he was playing in The Batman, Farrell responded, “I’m playing Oz Cobblepot. I’m playing a character known as Penguin.”

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At the time of the interview, Farrell indicated he wouldn’t start shooting for another two weeks.

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However, an alleged set photo of Farrell dressed in character began circulating in early January, showing the character with white hair, a black coat, and his iconic umbrella.

More set photos from Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’. Penguin on set? from DCEUleaks

In the interview with Ellen, Farrell was questioned about his silver hair, but he attempted to dodge the question noting it was part of a ritual to get out of character after he wraps up each film.

In a separate interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Kimmel expressed his surprise that Farrell was playing the Penguin because it’s usually played by a short, fat person. Farrell responded, “Yea, but I have some time to eat and kind of shrink.”

He added, “I’m still in the process of talking to Matt Reeves, who is the director, who wrote the script and wrote a really, like really, beautiful, dark, moving script, really gorgeous.”

Farrell continued, “It’s all very hush hush. But it’s a really beautiful script that he wrote and he has a real love for it, Matt. So we are still in the process of designing the aesthetic for the character.”

What do you make of House of Mat’s mock up of Colin Farrell as the Penguin? Is that something you would like to see in Matt Reeves’ The Batman?