The Batman: New Set Photos Provide First Look at Colin Farrell’s Penguin and Show Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne

Filming is underway officially for The Batman over in England and our first glimpses from the set immediately began circulating the web.

Courtesy of Reddit and Twitter, photos show Robert Pattinson and Colin Farrell behind the scenes prepping for their big turns as Bruce Wayne – out of costume – and The Penguin (an umbrella in hand).

Robert Pattinson’s Suit in The Batman Could Be Based on the Design by Lee Bermejo

First up is Farrell hanging around behind a police car and carrying an umbrella. See the Reddit post below. He has noticeably lighter hair – and a lot of it on his head to boot – which is an indicator we are not dealing with your typical Oswald Cobblepot if Farrell is dressed in character.

There are those who believe this is only Farrell’s double – which would explain the deviating hair color – but the brow sure resembles that of the Irish actor. Below is a closer look. Check it out:

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The Redditor who posted the above image says Farrell is only rumored. Regarding that claim, director Matt Reeves cleared it up with his usual teases via Twitter. Reeves tweeted Monday a GIF of Farrell shrugging and a caption inquiring “is that you, #Oz?” followed by a bat symbol (see below).

Official or not, IMDb hasn’t picked up on Reeves’ Twitter activity yet. The site still lists Farrell as rumored but Andy Serkis’ status as Alfred has been updated.

Joining them is Jeffrey Wright who confirmed on social media he is in London to work. The new Commissioner Gordon tweeted Saturday he was “jet lagged” and “Off to Gotham.”

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Onto the man of the hour, Robert Pattinson was captured sitting on a motorcycle for a scene. Discussing Film shared the images. Pattinson is being filmed for close-up shots. He is possibly riding in the sequence and a stunt could very well be performed.

Some reactions are skeptical, believing the guy on the bike is Pattinson’s stuntman and not the actor – even though the hair looks like a match for his. Granted, his face is covered with and without the helmet he wears but outlets have reason to say it is Pattinson. Scooper Television & Movies called it confirmed yesterday.

The TV & Movies account also shared a few behind-the-scenes stills of police cars and utility vans with “Gotham” painted on them. You can gander at the pics below.

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Based on the proximity of the police to the vans and formula familiar to the action genre, my guess is the Gotham PD is setting up some kind of sting in whatever scene they are filming. But that’s only a theory.

The Batman is unleashed on June 25, 2021.

Let us know what you think of the images and what they reveal in the comments.

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