Comic book creator and novelist Jon Del Arroz recently launched a KickStarter for his upcoming book, Dynamite Thor, but it appears that KickStarter is shadow banning the campaign.

Del Arroz teams up with artist Donald Kent to dust off the classic superhero, who was originally created by Wright Lincoln and first appeared in Weird Comics #6 back in 1940.

Lincoln described him back then as the Explosion Man. His alter ego is Peter Thor, a wealthy mine owner, who uses his knowledge of explosives to root out crime.

Not only does Dynamite Thor fight crime, but he’s also immune to explosives, which as Del Arroz details keeps “him safe from bombs, and also [gives] him the uncanny ability to propel himself through the air in flight using the force of blasts.”

This new story by Del Arroz and Kent will see Dynamite Thor “navigate a powder-keg situation filled with terrorists, secret cabals, and ancient monsters.” Del Arroz adds, “Our team has created a premium quality 46-Page graphic novel (plus extras in the stretch goals) which will floor you with wall-to-wall action and epic superhero battles as Dynamite Thor faces the deadliest of villains.”

Not only are Del Arroz and Kent creating a brand new 46-page graphic novel featuring Dynamite Thor, but their KickStarter campaign also plans to digitally restore the classic Dynamite Thor stories in a 40-page Dynamite Thor Classic volume.

Unfortunately, the KickStarter campaign appears to be shadow banned by KickStarter. When you attempt to search KickStarter for the project using the key words “Dynamite Thor,” there are no results.

Similarly, if you search Jon Del Arroz, the campaign does not show. Although three previous campaigns do appear.

Interestingly, if you go to Del Arroz’s profile, Dynamite Thor is listed alongside the other three projects.

Searching via the artist Donald Kent provides similar results that being none.

The campaign can be found via a direct link.

Despite the campaign appearing to be shadow banned by KickStarter it has raised $3,649 from 80 backers in just 4 days. It has a goal of $5,000.

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