At the New York Toy Fair, Netflix released the first trailer for the Rooster Tooth-produced Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy: Siege.

Take a look.

Along with the first trailer we got an official description:

“In the midst of ongoing war on Cybertron, forces of good and evil clash as they search for the source of their power: the Allspark. This may not be the life they imagined, but it’s a life worth fighting for. Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy: Siege is coming soon, only on Netflix.”

On Instagram the series is described as taking place in the “final hours of the devastating civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons on Cybertron.”

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Entertainment Weekly details that Transformers: War For Cybertron will be three seasons in length with six, 22-minute-long episodes in the first season or chapter titled Siege.

The series will feature the voice talents of Jason Marnocha as Megatron, Jake Foushe as Optimus Prime, Linsay Rousseau as Elita-1, Joe Zieja as Bumblebee, Frank Todaro as Starscream, Rafael Goldstein as Ratchet, Keith Silverstein as Jetfire, Todd Haberkorn as Shockwave and Red Alert, Edward Bosco as Ultra Magnus and Soundwave, Bill Rogers as Wheeljack Sophia Isabella as Arcee, Brook Chalmers as Impactor, Shawn Hawkins as Mirage, Kaiser Johnson as Ironhide, Miles Luna as Teletraan I and Cliffjumper, and Mark Whitten as Sideswipe and Skywarp.

Polygon Pictures, the studio behind the recent Godzilla anime trilogy and Knights of Sidonia will animate the series. FH DeSanto is the showrunner and the show is writen by George Krstic, Gavin Hignight, and Brandon Easton.

John Derderian, Director of Anime at Netflix, described the series, “In this Transformers origin story, we will explore the expansive universe of Cybertron in a way that audiences have never seen before – to the delight of both existing fans and those coming to the franchise for the first time.”

He added, “The Transformers brand is a global phenomenon and we are thrilled to partner with Hasbro, Rooster Teeth and Polygon to bring this exciting new series to our members around the world on Netflix.”

Tom Warner, Senior Vice President for the Transformers franchise at Hasbro added, “We’re thrilled to work with Rooster Teeth’s new premium studio division to bring an all-new Transformers fan-oriented series to Netflix.” He added, “Transformers has a rich history of great storytelling and War for Cybertron is an exciting new chapter in the Transformers Universe.”

No release date for the series has been announced.

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Along with releasing the trailer, Hasbro unveiled a number of Transformers collectibles as part of their War for Cybertron line. Transformers part of the War for Cybertron Trilogy include Sideswipe, Scrapface, Mirage, Megatron, Hound, Hotlink, and Chromia.

They also revealed Transformers who will be showing up in the second chapter titled Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy: Earthrise. Those Transformers include: Snapdragon, Smokescreen, Runamuck, Scorponok, Megatron, Skylynx, Quintesson Judge, Doubledealer, Fasttrack, and Airwave.

The collectibles can be pre-ordered at Hasbro Pulse.

What do you make of this new trailer as well as the new Transformers collectibles?

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