A prominent Dead or Alive news site has confirmed that a ‘sexy’ variation of Phase 4’s costume based on Arnice from Nights of Azure featured in a previous game will no longer be present when the costume debuts in Dead or Alive 6.

On February 24th, the Dead or Alive news account run by fight stick manufacturer Artmic DOA6 Portal announced that Dead or Alive 6 would be receiving sixteen new costumes based on the games published by the Gust Corporation:

Upon seeing that the Kasumi-clone known as Phase 4 would be once again receiving a costume based on Arnice, a fan inquired as to whether the costume would retain it’s ‘sexy’ demon form, based on the same transformation seen in Nights of Azure and previously featured in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round:

Dead or Alive 6 Will Not Feature Previously Featured Sexy Transformation for Phase 4’s Nights of Azure Costume

Arnice’s Demon transformation, as originally seen in Nights of Azure.

Responding to the fan, Artmic confirmed that the costume would no longer feature the demon variation upon its debut in Dead or Alive 6:

The removal of the sexy transformation is the latest in a string of issues surrounding Dead or Alive 6 and attempts to tone down the game’s sexuality in comparison to previous entries.

In December, fans noticed that Rachel’s Fiend costume had been heavily covered-up, now featuring a latex bodysuit underneath the armor’s formerly nearly nude, risqué appearance.

When the game was initially announced, Koei Tecmo originally planned to reduce the game’s signature breast physics before public outcry ensured their return.

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