Artist Imagines ‘No Time To Die’ Bond Girl Ana de Armas As DC Comics’ Power Girl

Artist Datrinti revealed a Power Girl commission that depicts No Time To Die’s Bond Girl Ana de Armas as DC Comics’ Power Girl.

Datrinti wrote, “Power Girl Commission by n7joeshep with Ana de Armas based on the New 52 suit.”

Datrinti added, “While I was working on this design I was doing a classic version on the side which I will be sharing sometime soon!”

Power Girl is an alternate universe Supergirl named Kara Zor-L or Karen Starr. Like the prime universe Supergirl, she is the cousin of Superman. While she’s originally from Earth-Two, Power Girl eventually becomes stranded in the main universe where she encounters the prime universe Superman and Supergirl.

The character was originally created by Gerry Conway, Ric Estrada, and Wally Wood. She first appeared in All Star Comics #58 back in February 1976.

While Datrinti noted he used the New 52 version of Power Girl’s costume, he used a much later design.

When the character appeared in World’s Finest #1, her boob window was covered up with red fabric and a P was emblazoned over her left breast.

By the time, Power Girl teamed up with Harley Quinn, her outfit had pretty much returned to the classic design. As you can see, the most noticeable changes to the classic design are the removal of her belt. Instead she has belt without a buckle in the New 52 version. They also switched the sides of where her cape’s clasp is located, and removed the chain that was part of the clasp. Her gloves and boots also look to be reimagined as some kind of plate armor.

This design was also featured in the Earth-2 series that sees Power Girl and the Helena Wayne version of Huntress return to their home world.

As for Ana de Armas she will play Bond Girl Paloma in the upcoming No Time to Die film. She will also star as Melinda Van Allen in the upcoming Deep Water film as well as Norma Jean in Blonde.

She recently starred in Knives Out as Marta Cabrera and Blade Runner 2049 as Joi.

What do you make of Ana de Armas as Power Girl? Would you want to see her as Power Girl or do you have other actors in mind to play the character?

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