Interspecies Reviewers Dropped by SUN TV, Finds New Television Home on Gifu Chan

Interspecies Reviewers continues to find unexpected changes to the airing schedule of its first season, with the series recently being dropped by television broadcasting channel SUN TV and subsequently being picked up by Gifu Broadcasting System.

Following the ecchi comedy series’ removal from broadcasting and streaming services provided by Funimation, Tokyo MX, Amazon, and Wakanim, the official Interspecies Reviewers Twitter account announced that the series had been dropped by the Kobe, Japan based broadcaster Sun TV by the organization itself:

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A translation of the Tweet provided by Twitter’s translation service reads:

“Discontinuation of broadcasting on Sun TV for “Interspecies Reviewers”

The anime “Interspecies Reviewers” broadcasted on Sun TV has been canceled due to the organization of Sun Television Co., Ltd.

Foreign Revues Production Committee”

However, despite being dropped by yet another outlet, it was announced on February 25th that the anime series had been picked up by independent Japanese broadcaster Gifu Broadcasting System, known colloquially as Gifu Chan:

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A translation of the Tweet, again provided by Twitter’s translation service, reads:

“[Broadcast information]

From Friday, February 28th, gifu Broadcasting has decided to start broadcasting “Interspecies Reviewers”.

Please note that the broadcast date and time of the second to seventh episodes are different from usual.

Gifu Chan will broadcast the series beginning with its first episode on February 28th. It will then air two episodes for each subsequent week until the premiere eighth episode on March 6th, when Gifu Chan will resume a single-episode broadcasting schedule.

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