Artist The Imaginative Hobbyist imagined WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre as DC Comics’ Lobo.

The Imaginative Hobbyist captioned his work saying, “Late night photoshop imagining Drew McIntyre as Lobo.”

Take a look.

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Lobo was originally created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen and first appeared in Omega Men #3 back in June 1983. As depicted in his debut episode, Lobo was a bounty hunter hired by The Citadel to capture Kalista.

The character would get a little bit of a makeover in Justice League International #18 in 1987 when he was tasked with taking on the entire Justice League.

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Keith Giffen, Alan Grant, and Simon Bisley would detail Lobo’s origin in Lobo: The Last Czarnian miniserie in 1990.

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Lobo was born on the planet Czarnia, a place that did not even have words for “dispute” or “hatred.” The planet did no no war or hunger, and people only chose to die as an alternative to “everlasting life.”

He was a devil child from the beginning. He would bite off the midwife’s four fingers and turn her into “the planet’s first mental patient in more than ten millennia.” From there, it’s believed he incinerated his kindergarten teacher in a napalm bombing. He also tore out the throat of his principal, Egon N’g.

By the time Lobo became a teenager he engineered a bioweapon. The weapon was “117 microns long, airborne, of scorpion-like appearance, that burrows into flesh.” Lobo released this bioweapon onto Czarnia where it obliterated the planet’s population first causing “great black blisters.” It would also lead to “severe blood poisoning.” One of the side effects was also “near-total paralysis, effective mere seconds after infection.”

While the Czarnians would be paralyzed quite quickly, the bioweapon took its time killing the infected. It took a full five days to kill everyone on the planet with the lone survivor being Lobo.

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Lobo would go on to become an anti-hero in the DC Universe and make a number of crossover appearances with The Mask, Judge Dredd, and the Authority. He also faced off against Wolverine in the DC vs. Marvel crossover series.

The character would be brought to live-action by Emmett J. Scanlan in SyFy’s Krypton series. A Lobo spin-off was put on hold after Krypton was cancelled after its second season.

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A film was reportedly in development back in 2018 with director Michael Bay reported to be in talks with Warner Bros. However, no movement has been regarding a film since 2018.

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