My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi recently shared a pinup of No.5 hero Mirko.

Take a look.

Here’s a better look.

Mirko aka Rumi Usagiyama first appeared in Chapter 184 of the manga and recently made her debut in the anime in episode 82 “Silhouette” that also introduced the villains Gentle and La Brava.

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Her quirk is Rabbit. It allows her to do “whatever a rabbit can, but even better!”

Mirko plays a prominent role in the recently released Chapter 262 of the manga. She takes on multiple high end Nobu that “exhibit personality traits of their host bodies and have a capacity for independent thought.” They also have stats higher than the upper-tier Nobu.

In order to take out these Nobu, Mirko uses multiple Super Moves. They include Luna Ring, Luna Fall, and Luna Tijeras.

Luna Ring sees Mirko use her incredible speed and leg strength to spin in a circle to kick multiple opponents.

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Luna Fall sees Mirko use a powerful leg kick to smash her opponent in the back of the head and drive them into the ground.

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Luna Tijeras sees Mirko use her legs to wrap them around her opponent’s head. She then uses her leg strength to rip her opponent’s head off.

Mirko is definitely a hero you don’t want to mess with!

What do you make of Kohei Horikoshi’s pinup of Mirko? What about Mirko’s super moves and how she uses them against the Nobu?

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