A My Hero Academia fan showed off their custom Deku Pokemon card.

Instagram user Halfrican_American_ shared the card to his Instagram. He stated, “Custom my hero academia Pokemon card I made.”

Take a look.

It’s not technically a Deku card as it is labeled Izuku Midoriya. Midoriya has 180 HP and is a fighting type Pokemon.

His ability is One For All. The description reads, “At any point you may tap int your full power to straight up body someone.”

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He also has the move Full Cowl – 100%. It costs four fighting energy. The description reads, “Grants you strength and speed that rival All Might’s and the ability to move through mid-air using wind pressure.”

Midoriya is weak to fire and water. He has resistance to fighting. It costs one energy to retreat.

If Midoriya is knocked out by an opponent, the opponent is able to draw two prize cards.

Halfrican_American_ also appears to have shared the card in the NoBokuHeroAcademia subreddit under the user name Iconclast_XII.

Made a Deku Pokemon card from BokuNoHeroAcademia

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In the Reddit thread he was asked if he could do a Demon Slayer card featuring Tanjiro. He responded, “For sure!”

In fact, Iconoclast_XIII notes that he will be producing a bunch more cards from different animes.

“Made a shop for it. I have more cards coming in soon so I can make a bunch more. Different characters, different animes, restock on this, etc.

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He also noted that the card is available for purchase via Etsy. The current price tag is $10.00.

What do you make of this Deku Pokemon card? Do you plan on picking one up?