Dutch cosplayer Meteo showed off her Mina Ashido cosplay from My Hero Academia.

Take a look.

Meteo explains that she will be cosplaying as Mina Ashido at Heroes Dutch Comic Con in March, “I am so hyped to be Mina again at DCC! Hopefully her hero costume works out the way I imagined! Her whole look is really out of my comfortzone so it definitely will be a huge challenge.”

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Meteo previously discussed how much fun she had cosplaying as Mina, “I know it’s not very Christmas-like, but I really wanted to post Mina again! It’s been a while since I had so much doing a character, and I can’t wait to cosplay her more.”

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In one Instagram post showing off her Mina cosplay she detailed Mina’s quick, “Mina Ashido! Quick: Acid! She can secrete acid from her body and use it to attack or move!”

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She even shared a video mocking her previous Mina cosplay.

Mina Ashido first debuted in the sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia titled “What I Can Do For Now.” The chapter is collected in My Hero Academia Vol. 1 and sees the students of class 1-A testing their abilities as they participate in a 50-Meter Dash, the Grip Strength Test, the Standing Long Jump, the Sustained Sideways Jump, and the Pitch.

Mina Ashido

Ashido would make her first appearance in Episode 5 of the anime titled “What I Can Do for Now.” Like in the manga it shows Eraser Head testing the students of 1-A’s Quirks and skills through a variety of events.

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The character is voiced by Eri Jitamura in Japanese. Caitlin Glass provides the English dub voice over.

What do you make of Meteo’s cosplay as Mina Ashido?

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