Today’s cosplay of the day is a double feature by Mangoe!

First up, Bulma from the Dragon Ball franchise. Bulma is the daughter of Capsule Corp founder Dr. Brief. She shares her father’s brilliant intellect, making her an amazing scientist in her own right.

And she puts her intellect to good use developing numerous machines and gadgets that have helped the team on a number of occasions, whether through training or travel, to win at the end of the day.

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While Bulma initially dated Yamcha, she would eventually end up marry Vegeta and the two would have a son in Trunks and a daughter in Bulla.

Take a look at Mangoe as Bulma!

Bulma was forced to wear the now iconic bunny outfit because there were no other clean clothes.

You can check out a quick clip of Bulma not too pleased with the idea of having to wear the outfit:

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In the next photo you see Mangoe holding one of the mystical Dragon Balls. If you can find and acquire all seven the dragon will grant you a wish.

The second cosplay of our double feature today is Fate/Grand Order’s Tamamo no Mae.

Tamamo-no-Mae is a fox spirit that gained popularity in a number of Japanese legends during the Muromachi period.

In one version, Tamamo-no-Mae possesses a concubine of the Shang dynasty’s last ruler King Zhou. With the king under her enchantment she enacts a reign of terror that leads to rebellion and the end of the Shang dynasty. The fox spirit would flee to India and work her magic on the crown prince Banzoku.

The spirit would eventually arrive in Japan and appear as Tamamo-no-Mae, a courtesan of Emperor Toba. There the spirit would be exposed.

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The legendary character would be reimagined in Fate/Grand Order.

Her description reads:

“A good-wife-aspirant, extravagant miko shaman.

In the deathbed of the Heian Period, this peerless beauty served the retired emperor Toba.

It has been said that she is the disguised appearance of the nine-tailed fox Hakumen Kinmou.

For a number of reasons, in the end she was chased away from the imperial court and, after having a major decisive battle with humans in the fields of Nasu, obediently let herself be exterminated, or something.”

Take a look at Mangoe’s cosplay!

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A massive fan of anything anime, manga, and gaming Mangoe is a Chicago based cosplayer.

You can check out her official website as well as her Twitter and Instagram to catch even more amazing cosplays.

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