Anyone who is a fan of horror in gaming either knows or has played through Silent Hill. One of the most well-known monsters in the game is the Bubble Head Nurse.

These monsters are manifestations of a character’s fears, anxieties, and other psychological issues. They hail from one of the two hospitals that are within the town of Silent Hill, and in most games, players will end up having to travel to these hospitals at some point.

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One thing you will notice with these monsters is how they’re frozen in time when you look at their nurse outfit. They don’t wear modern scrubs but instead are a homage to a time pasted. A theme that connects most of the Silent Hill games.

Today’s Cosplay of the Day is a Bubble Head Nurse brought to us by Nikkimatsu!

In the photo, you can see the classic outfit best associated with the nurse. This look is seen in the first and second Silent Hill games. You can also see some of the blood on her, and a knife to catch any wanderer who finds themselves within the town’s limits.

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In the next photo, we see the nurse peaking from around a tree. In the game, a player will encounter nurses here and there. One thing experienced players know about them is you don’t normally want to allow these monsters to get the jump on you.

In the final photo, we see Nikkimatsu posing in front of a cemetery. This is not an uncommon place to find these fiends. Anything is possible in a town where your demons manifest.

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