After My Hero Academia mangaka Kohei Horikoshi faced unfounded criticism from a series of recent outrage mobs due to their perception of a character’s name to be an intentional reference to Imperial Japanese war crimes in World War II, fans of the superhero series have taken to Twitter to show their support to the author using the hashtag #WeSupportYouHorikoshi.

Not only did Horikoshi face an outrage mob for the name of one of his characters, but outraged fans also took offense to some characters in the series sharing birthdays with historical German and Japanese World War II leaders.

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Fans tired of the constant attempts to find something to demonize Horikoshi over began to use the hashtag #WeSupportYouHorikoshi to fight back against the outrage mobs. Fans using this hashtag provided a massive outpouring of encouragement and thanks to Horikoshi for his work on My Hero Academia, showing that a majority of fans were not bloodthirsty content critics:

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YouTuber Hero Hei also documented a number of other fans who supported Kohei Horikoshi following the multiple outrage mobs.

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While some fans in the hashtag made reference to Horikoshi possibly quitting due to the drama, this is only a rumor sparked by a video from anime YouTuber Chibi Reviews. In the video, Chibi Reviews speculates that, based on Horikoshi’s recent social media silence, the recent outrage could be leading the mangaka to end the series.

Are you supporting Kohei Horikoshi after he was lambasted by these outrage mobs?

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