It’s been a long while since I could say that a Wolverine solo title was a “must-read” but seeing as it’s coming from the same writer responsible for Dawn of X’s X-Force – there’s no wonder there. However, Wolverine #1 did more than ‘wow’ with its pacing, dialogue, and action. The issue was split into two parts, the latter being the one of interest.

X-Men: Percy Introduces Another Rival to Krakoa in Wolverine #1

Benjamin Percy presented a new danger to the Krakoans, and the world in general – a resurgence of the vampire nation. The plot was less than revealing from the onset. At first, his story appeared to be another Wolverine Vs. Omega Red drag-out brawl, but that was just the veneer.

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X-Men: Percy Introduces Another Rival to Krakoa in Wolverine #1

What it turned into was an investigation that took Wolverine to the night drenched streets of Paris. After nearly unwittingly becoming dinner for a den of blood-suckers, he found himself in the company of a skilled vampire hunter named Louise – a member of the Nightguard.

X-Men: Percy Introduces Another Rival to Krakoa in Wolverine #1

Together they became the predators of predators and ventured into the ancient catacombs that have laid underneath Paris since before the days of the French Revolution. It didn’t take long for them to find their fight and dispatch the head-tick-in-charge. Or so they thought.

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Before the issue ended, the real puppet master was revealed – that being Dracula, himself. Drac’s real goal was to use Omega Red to draw Wolverine to his shores so he could sample his blood and regain the ability to walk in the sunlight. In return, Omega Red gained a missing piece of his age-old transformation.

X-Men: Percy Introduces Another Rival to Krakoa in Wolverine #1

Krakoa’s rise to power affects more than just the mutants upon the isle and the human governments that it now sees as rivals. With mutants taking over large chunks of the world economy and the focus of much of it’s military and underworld organizations – the vampires have taken advantage of the shift in attention.

X-Men: Percy Introduces Another Rival to Krakoa in Wolverine #1

They’ve begun bolstering their numbers and with their leader able to go top-side while the sun is out will make a bad situation worse. Omega Red is also a problem. While Wolverine sees him for what he is, Magneto, and by extension, the Quiet Council, are honoring his amnesty. Unbeknownst to them, he’s still working for/with Dracula.

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X-Men: Percy Introduces Another Rival to Krakoa in Wolverine #1

In the Mutant X universe, one of the biggest problems on that particular version of Earth was how wide-spread vampirism was. It didn’t just affect the human world, but mutants as well. When mutants became infected with vampirism, they retained their powers, as seen with Bloodstorm. That helped spread the plague exponentially.

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If something similar to this were to happen on the 616 version of Earth – it would devastate the Krakoan bid to normalize their position as a world power. Assuming that is what Moira, Xavier, and Magneto still want at all. With the X-Men staking up enemies at every turn, the last thing they need is to be caught battling undead versions of their own citizens!

With a Blade movie on the horizon, it’s not beyond reason that the Daywalker will be getting a larger role in the Marvel Comics Universe. I’m one that believes that there aren’t too many coincidences when Disney is involved. There is no bigger stage in comics than the X-Men right now, and Blade’s future inclusion is probably inevitable at this point.

Is Krakoa ready to battle mutant-vampires? What do you think of yet another problem for the new nation to deal with? Let us know below!

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