A retailer has reported that a variety of figures of anime girls were removed from his Amazon hosted storefront, with communications from the company stating they were removed for promoting child exploitation.

On February 29th, after a Twitter user posed the question “Who did this?” in response to recent fan reports to SEGA which led to the removal of the ability to see Hatsune Miku’s panties in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix Switch (which was not a case of censorship but rather fixing an error, as her panties are not viewable in other games), owner of Chuck’s Anime store Chuck Gaffney speculated that it “might be the same asshats I’ve been noticing on Amazon.”

According to Gaffney, rather than removing the items from his inventory, Amazon pressured him “to manually delete them or delete my account.”

Gaffney then provided e-mails sent to him from Amazon which showed that they had removed multiple figures, all completely non-sexual, for violating their ban on items that “promote child exploitation or depict children or characters resembling children in a sexually suggestive manner.”

Speculating on Twitter, Gaffney believes the figures may have been the target of “some neopuritan crusade or purposefully done biz sabotage.”

As of writing, Amazon has not reversed their decisions regarding these figures.

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