The latest episode of Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “On the Wings of Keeradaks,” was just released on Disney Plus, and this episode removes a death sequence where the Techno Union use their Decimator to kill a local.

You can see the original death below.

And here’s the full original episode.

The newly released episode on Disney Plus does not contain this death sequence at all. Instead the Decimator is used to break through a number of reinforced doors that Anakin, Rex, and the Bad Batch are using as a blockade.

As Anakin and company are escaping the blockaded room after rescuing Echo, the Decimator does break through the final door and deploys its tendrils.

However, Anakin and company are able to escape through the ceiling and the Decimator deactivates as it does not detect any organic life forms.

It’s unclear why this scene was removed. If it’s due to the graphic nature of the death, I find that argument baseless given Disney Plus will more than likely host Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and it features a similar death in the original version of “On the Wings of Keeradaks.”

Palpatine’s face literally melts off as he continues to use his Force Lightning against Rey.

Disney Plus does host Attack of the Clones and in that film Mace Windu decapitates Jango Fett.

In Revenge of the Sith, Anakin decapitates Count Dooku.

And it’s not just live-action Star Wars which has featured brutal death scenes. The Clone Wars has as well. Savage Opress decapitates multiple members of the Black Sun in one episode.

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The removal of this death scene follows in the wake of last episode’s removal of the Padme nose art seen on the Bad Batch’s ship.

It definitely appears that not only is Disney utterly destroying the Star Wars brand with its horrible storytelling as seen in the Disney Sequel trilogy, but it is now neutering the actual storytelling with needless censorship. It’s almost as if the franchise can’t actually depict the brutalities of war anymore despite the name of the franchise being Star Wars.

What do you make of this latest act of censorship in Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Do you expect more censorship and neutered storytelling from Disney Star Wars?

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