A My Hero Academia theory claims that All For One is actually a Nomu.

The theory comes from YouTuber Kiomaki.

He explains, “All For One has already died. He died at the hands of All Might when they first fought.”

He then cites the below image that shows All Might kneeling over the headless corpse of All For One in My Hero Academia Ch. 59.

Kidomaki continues, “In a quote unquote normal situation this would mean certain death, but guys this is anime, more specifically My Hero Academia and in this anime there are multiple ways people decide to not stay dead.”

He then details that one of the ways people are brought back to life or do not stay dead are through Doctor Garaki’s experiments and Nomu creations.

Kidomaki states, “What I believe happened is that Dr. Garaki either removed All For One’s body from the morgue or the battlefield itself and revived him as a Nomu thus his horrific disfigured baked potato much like other Nomus.”

He adds, “Now, the real question is what kind of Nomu is he? It’s obvious that he’s above the high-end Nomus because of his intellect and dialect, but is he a puppet or one that is allowed his freedom to do as it pleases.”

Kidomaki then notes that Kurogiri, who was recently confirmed to be a Nomu based off the body of Shirakumo Oboro in Chapter 254, is also intelligent and can even tap into the memories of his former body.

Kidomaki explains, “This could also be the case for All For One, only there are no restrictions placed on him in regards to his intelligence or access to his memories.”

He then theorizes that Dr. Garaki might actually be controlling All For One as a Nomu. Kidomaki says, “What if All For One is Dr. Garaki’s puppet? This would be a massive plot twist.” He adds, “Dr. Garaki could be the mastermind behind it all.”

Kidomaki then points to the recent Heroes Rising film, which introduced us to the character Nine. Like All For One, Nine can control multiple Quirks, and he achieved that ability through Dr. Garaki’s experiments.

If All For One is a Nomu, he would be Dr. Garaki’s puppet. The latest chapter of My Hero Academia makes it crystal clear that Nomus do not possess a will of their own. They can only act according to their programming.

However, as Kidomaki detailed about Kurogiri, there are various levels of Nomu. High-End Nomu can “exhibit the personality traits of their host bodies and have a high capacity for independent thought.”

Interestingly enough, Dr. Garaki also notes that he was using All For One’s power to aid in his creation of Nomus. He states, “Without All For One’s power producing more high-ends is an uphill battle.”

Not only are there high-end Nomus, but the good doctor has also been experimenting on Shigaraki, even calling him his “masterpiece.”

What do you make of Kidomaki’s theory? Do you think All For One might actually be a Nomu following his first fight with All Might?