If you didn’t already know, Lucasfilm and Star Wars are in complete and utter chaos. The latest piece of evidence comes from Star Wars Story Group member Matt Martin. Martin admitted he had no idea about the recent revelations found within The Rise of Skywalker novelization.

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As first reported by Disney Star Wars Is Dumb, Martin was asked about the revelation that Rey’s father was actually a clone of Emperor Palpatine and how that worked.

He responded, “I’m not sure what revelation you’re talking about.”

Another user would then inform Martin that the revelation is that Rey’s dad is a failed clone.

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Martin, obviously confused by this information, responds, “Uhhhhhh. Is this another clickbait thing?”

He would then question, “Where does it say Rey’s dad is a clone?”

Martin would then be shown the excerpt.

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After seeing the excerpt he replied, “Whoa, that wasn’t in the one I read! (This is why I always listen to the audiobooks after they’re out!). But yeah, exactly what a strandcast is is not yet explained.”

When asked when he read the older version, Martin responded, “Couple of months ago? I usually read the first or second draft. Typically first but it may have been later for TROS since I wasn’t lead on that one (since I didn’t work on the film).”

Martin isn’t the only one taken aback by the revelation that Rey’s father is a clone of Palpatine. StarWars.com blogger Shana O’Neil also cast doubt on its authenticity writing, “I’m betting the book doesn’t say this. But I’m gonna check.”

She added, “But if it is true, imma need several minutes.”

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Now admittedly, Martin says he wasn’t lead on The Rise of Skywalker novelization since he didn’t work on the film, and O’Neil is a StarWars.com blogger, but you would think this major of a revelation would have been announced to the Star Wars Story Group so they would be equipped to handle questions as they are akin to do. This doesn’t appear to have happened whatsoever. In fact, it appears to have completely blindsided Martin.

It just goes to show there are serious organizational problems within Lucasfilm outside of their film studio. But maybe more importantly, it also reinforces the idea that Lucasfilm just doesn’t give a crap about Star Wars canon and history. It’s all about telling a single story set within the Star Wars universe, the rest of the history and canon be damned. But at that point you aren’t even telling a Star Wars story. It’s just a cheap knock off version that resembles the real thing. And that appears to be what Disney has done with Star Wars across publishing, films, and even the video games.

One has to wonder just how connected their upcoming High Republic project will be when a Star Wars Story Group member doesn’t even know that Rey’s dad is a clone of Palpatine. Is Charles Soule really going to know what Cavan Scott is doing and vice versa? Is Justina Ireland going to know what Claudia Gray is doing? I highly doubt it.

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They couldn’t even make a trilogy that is even somewhat consistent, how in the world are they going to flesh out an entire era with so many moving parts?

What do you make of Matt Martin’s complete shock and utter ignorance that Rey’s dad is a clone of Palpatine? Do you have any faith with Lucasfilm moving forward on any front?