Avengers Assemble and The Librarians Producer Geoffrey Thorne Describes Republican Party As “Death Profiteers”

Avengers Assemble and The Librarians producer Geoffrey Thorne took to Twitter to describe the Republican Party as “death profiteers.”

Thorne, who also starred in In the Heat of the Night as Officer Wilson Sweet and wrote Marvel Comics’ Mosaic and Solo, responded to a Tweet from Fantastic Four writer Dan Slott.

Slott took to Twitter to compose a more tame version of his previous tweet where he told Trump supporters to “F*** You.”

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In this newest tweet Slott writes, “This administration is NOT on top of this emergency. They’ve ignored or contradicted their OWN experts. People are dying.”

He added, “& Trump went golfing at his resort AGAIN and profited off of it. These aren’t opinions. They’re facts.”

He then questioned, “Who, in good faith, could support this man in Nov?”

Slott previously tweeted the exact same message except in his previous tweet he added, “I’m not saying f*** you for voting for him. I AM saying f*** you if you vote for him AGAIN.”

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In response to the newest tweet from Slott, Thorne answered his question about who would support President Trump in November.

He wrote, “white supremacists.”

He then added, “sexual predators and their sympathizers.”

Next was “death profiteers.”

He concluded writing, “so, basically, the Republican Party.”

Back in January, Thorne accused white people of being “poised to burn down” the United States of America.

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He also believes that MAGA supporters “hate POC and LGBT people enough to burn the country down rather than stand on equal footing.”

Thorne has also accused President Donald Trump of supporting “white supremacy.”

He also believes that President Trump is a “shitbag Russian agent.”

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While Thorne’s past work was at Marvel, he is rumored to play a prominent role at DC Comics in the future. Bleeding Cool reported Thorne “will be a major figure in upcoming DC Comics titles” back in January. It’s unclear if that is still the case following Dan DiDio’s exit as DC Comics co-publisher.

What do you make of Thorne’s comments?

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