Funimation recently announced that they will be streaming a less-than-complete run of the supernatural anime Monogatari series, leaving fans confused and critical of their decision.

On March 2nd, Funimation revealed that while they would begin streaming Monogatari the following day, they noted that the series’ streaming options would consist of “select titles.”

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Having begun airing in 2009, the full Aniplex-produced anime adaptation of Monogatari currently consists of thirteen seasons and three films. On their official blog, Funimation detailed that they would be streaming only five seasons chosen from across the series’ run:

If it’s your first time watching, here’s our recommended viewing order:

  1. Bakemonogatari

  2. Nisemonogatari

  3. Nekomonogatari Black

  4. Monogatari Second Season

  5. Owarimonogatari

The studio also stated that Bakemonogatari would only consist of twelve episodes instead of the seasons’ full fifteen:

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While the topic of whether to watch the series in broadcast order, chronological order, or light novel publishing order, remains a hotly debated topic among the fandom, Funimation’s limited offerings were near unanimously agreed upon by fans to be the worst way to watch the series:

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Funimation was also met with criticism over their decision to air this series after dropping Interspecies Reviewers for falling “outside of our standards” given Monogatari’s sexual themes and jokes, including the famous “toothbrush” scene which jokingly plays with an allusion to incest.

Fans were particularly vocal regarding this criticism on the community tab of Funimation’s YouTube channel:

Fans Confused and Critical as Funimation Begins Streaming “Select" Seasons of Full Monogatari Series