Sentai Filmworks script writer Holly Segarra responded to the backlash after she changed the script of the To Love Ru dub to directly reference misogyny. Segarra defended the changes on the basis of making the scripts seem natural while also promising that she has “no hidden agendas.”

On March 7th, Segarra addressed upset fans on her personal Twitter account, noting that while she is aware of the mounting complaints, “there’s some difficulties in dubbing you may not be aware of.”

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Segarra went on to explain that the dub scripts have to “flow and work with the animation.”

Concluding her response, Segarra states that “there is no 1:1 trade when it comes to translation.” But she did promise that, despite the controversial edit replacing the neutral phrase “old-fashioned” with the unfortunately politically-charged ‘misogyny,’ “no hidden agendas” influenced the To Love Ru production:

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However, some fans were unsatisfied with Segarra’s defense and continued to criticize the changed script on the basis of the use of the word “misogyny” due to the word’s contemporary political connotations:

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YouTuber Hero Hei also weighed in. He stated, “There’s all sort of words or phrases you could have used and you chose not to. What you instantly thought for that scene was apparently to add misogynist in there.”

What do you make of Holly Segarra’s explanation of the change in the dub?