Vin Diesel On Bloodshot: “Harrowing To Think That The Valiant Cinematic Universe Was Going To Rest On This”

Fast & Furious actor Vin Diesel, who also stars as Ray Garrison in the upcoming Bloodshot film, recently did an interview with Valiant Comics about the film.

In the interview, Diesel reveals that the Valiant Cinematic Universe rests on the shoulders of Bloodshot.

James Gavsie asks, “How does it feel to be in the first ever Valiant Comics movie?” Diesel responds, “Well, when I was making the movie, it was harrowing to think that the Valiant Cinematic Universe was going to rest on this.”

Diesel added, “I feel privileged. I feel honored. I feel grateful. I feel excited.”

He concluded, “We are all familiar with DC and we are all familiar with Marvel . There is a place for Valiant. There’s always been a place for Valiant. We understand the concept of flawed heroes. But Valiant isn’t afraid to address the imperfect world and some of the less talked about aspects of our society that might not be so popular.”

Outlander star Sam Heughan who plays Jimmy Dalton in Bloodshot was asked what makes Bloodshot and its characters unique. He responded, “Valiant do these great characters that are not superheroes. They are human beings that have had this enhancement. And Bloodshot is incredible. It is also a sci-fi as well. It’s got great action and some funny guy.”

New Girl actor Lamorne Morris, who plays Wilfred Wigans, added, “I think it has all of the embodiment of film. It has great cinematic set pieces. It has comedy, thrilling moments. It’s a movie that you want to sit down, grab a bucket of popcorn, a bunch of candy, and have a very entertaining night.”

Heughan adds, “It’s a movie that you can watch again. Once you know the twist in it, then you want to go back and see it and learn even more.” Morris adds, “There’s little Easter eggs.”

Diesel then discusses why he chose to do Bloodshot over heroes that might be more popular:

“So to put you in my head when I’m starting to make this movie on why I would chose this over other heroes that may be more popular, it is because how unique is it to play a character that evokes fear and empathy at the same time. That’s how strange and unique and compelling composition. That’s why it’s a New York Times Bestseller. That’s why its got the following that it has. The most loyal fans are Bloodshot fans. We just hope to make everyone proud with it.”

Bloodshot arrives in theaters on March 13, 2020. Along with Vin Diesel, Heughan, and Morris, the film stars Guy Pearce, Toby Kebbell, Eiza Gonzalez, and Talulah Riley.

The film is directed by Dave Wilson. It was written by Jeff Wadlow and Eric Heisserer and based off the Valiant Comics by Kevin VanHook, Bob Layton, and Don Perlin.

Box Office Pro predicts the film will have an opening weekend of $10.5 million and go on to earn $25 million total. Forbes reports the film had a $42 million budget.

What do you make of Diesel, Hueghan, and Morris’ comments? Do you plan on seeing Bloodshot? Do you think it could launch the Valiant Cinematic Universe?

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