Character of the Day: My Hero Academia’s Mirko

Today’s character of the day is My Hero Academia’s Mirko or Rumi Usagiyama.

Mirko was first introduced in Chapter 184 of the manga and Episode 82 of the anime.

She’s the Number 5 Hero in all of Japan. But unlike most other heroes she doesn’t work in teams. In fact, she considers heroes who work in teams as weaklings.

She disdains villains and bad guys and wants to do nothing more than to pummel them.

Mirko lives every day of her life like there’s no tomorrow. She does so, so that she will have no regrets when her number is called.

Her quirk is called Rabbit. It allows her to do “whatever a rabbit can, but even better!”

The quirk grants her incredible strength in her legs allowing her to leap great distances and physically punish her foes with her legs. Her rabbit ears also grant her enhanced hearing.

Mirko has shown off three Super Moves that take advantage of the extreme strength in her legs.

The first is called Luna Ring. While in midair, Mirko is able to spin her body rapidly in a circle and use her legs to attack any enemies in range.

Her second Super Move is Luna Fall. She jumps up behind her opponent and then lands a crushing blow to the back of their skull.

Finally, her third Super Move is Luna Tijeras. She mounts her opponent with her legs wrapped around their head. She then positions her body so she is on their back. She then uses the incredible strength in her legs to decapitate her foe.

Mirko is certainly a force to be reckoned with, but her emphasis on being a solo hero and her reckless, headfirst nature also comes with huge risks.

During a battle with five high-end Nomu, Mirko loses her left arm. Despite losing her arm she is undeterred and continues to hunt down Dr. Garaki.

Mirko’s story is far from over. She will more than likely continue to shine in the My Hero Academia manga from Kohei Horikoshi, and will most definitely take the spotlight for at least a couple of episodes in the anime in future seasons.

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