Sony Santa Monica art director Raf Grassetti recently revealed a number of his 3D Dragon Ball Z designs.

Not only would he reveal his designs, but he would express his wishes for Funimation to create a 3D animated Dragon Ball feature.

Grassetti first showed off his Cell Perfect Form design.

Grassetti wrote, “Cell Perfect Form. Dragon Ball Z was really special for me while growing up as I imagine it was for a lot of you as well. I’m finally at a point where I feel ready enough to do my own take on the characters from the show, so here we go. Hope you like it.”

He then asked his followers to share their list of favorites, “I have a list of favorites (Buu included) let me know yours!”

After Cell he showed off Kid Buu.

He then shared Frieza. He reiterated how much DBZ meant to his childhood and then asked for suggestions for the next character.

Grassetti wrote, “DBZ is such a big part of my childhood these are a long time coming. Taking suggestions for the next character.”

Next up is Piccolo. Grassetti also indicated how much fun he was having creating the designs. “Having a lot of fun with these characters. Wish I could spend more time on this big guy but I’ll probably revisit him later and do a version with the cape. Too many characters I want to do still.” He then asked, “Who is next?”

Grassetti then showed off Guldo from the Ginyu Force. He wrote, “It’s happening! We are going old school here lol, sorry to all the young people but Guldo is one of my favorites.”

He then added, “I’ll try to finish the Ginyu Force formation this week since they all have the same armor.”

He next shared Chiaotzu.

Grassetti wrote, “Had a bit of time yesterday so I did this little guy. One of my favorites and he is going to serve as base for other characters.”

He added, “His sacrifice scene with Tenshinhan (Tien Shinhan) was one of my favorite moments from the show. You know he is coming soon.”

Mr. Popo was next.

Grassetti wrote, “I’m continuing with the series this weekend, doing one of the main characters next! Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, so many other ones still to do. Who is your pick?”

Next was Buu and Babidi.

Grassetti explained, “These guys are one of my favorites! I’ll make a human character next.”

True to his word he would show off his design for Mr. Satan next.

He would also ask Funimation to create a 3D animated Dragon Ball feature film.

However, it might be more appropriate to ask Toei Animation as they are the company that actually produces the Dragon Ball anime series. Funimation licenses the property for distribution.

Grassetti then returned to the Ginyu Force. He added Burter.

Grassetti’s last DBZ character he showcased was Dabura. He wrote, “Babidi’s saga is almost complete. I forgot how many characters DBZ has.”

He then asked, “Beside Goku and Vegeta what’s your favorite “human” character?”

What do you make of Grassetti’s Dragon Ball Z designs? Would you want Toei Animation to make a 3D Dragon Ball film?