Jim Caviezel Provides Update On Mel Gibson’s Sequel to The Passion of the Christ

Actor Jim Caviezel recently provided an update on Mel Gibson’s sequel for The Passion of the Christ.

Caviezel sat down with Fox News to talk about the original film. He not only revealed the real injuries suffered when he portrayed Jesus, but he also criticized Hollywood’s aversion to showing Jesus on screen, and also provided an update on the status of the sequel.

Caviezel told Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo that Gibson is currently working on the sequel. He told him Gibson is currently on the “fifth draft.”

He added, “It’s going to be a masterpiece. It’s gonna be the biggest film in world history, I believe it will be based on what I feel in my heart.”

Not only did Caviezel provide an update on the sequel, but he also detailed that it is “imperative” for films like The Passion of the Christ to be made because Hollywood won’t make them.

He stated, “It’s so imperative in this time. These films can’t be made now.”

He went on to explain that Hollywood has no problem showing DC Comics and Marvel Comics, but won’t make movies about Jesus, who he calls the “greatest superhero.”

 “The films they make are Marvel Comics movies. You’ll see Superman. You won’t see Jesus… I got to play the greatest superhero there ever was.”

Maybe the most interesting part of Caviezel’s interview with Arroyo was his revelation that while he was carrying the cross, he was actually injured, and that injury actually made it into the final cut of the film.

He detailed, “As I went down, the cross… it actually struck my head and buried my head in the sand. And I bit through my tongue.”

He continued, “Now, in the tape, you’ll see streams of blood coming down from my lip. That’s actually my own blood.”

He also explained he injured his shoulder as well, “At this time, the shoulder is out and I was trying everything I had to get my arm over [the cross]. And it looks like it’s the most extraordinary take because it looks like I’m cherishing our cross, which is our faith, and hugging it but in the most beautiful way.”

He added, “It wasn’t beautiful to me because it hurt like hell… my AC joint had been torn.”

Not only did Caviezel injure his shoulder and his tongue, but he also recounted that he was also injured when the whip actually made contact with his back.

“I had a 14-inch gash right on my back,” he said, “I ripped my hands out and walked out of the take and I fell down. But it’s an extraordinary experience because I got hit and it froze my diaphragm, which was like getting… the wind knocked out of you.”

He notes there were other mistakes that happened during the film as well.

“A lot of these mistakes were occurring, but it was making something much more beautiful that will last forever.”

This isn’t the first time an accident was reported on the set of The Passion of the Christ. Back in 2003, EW reported that Caviezel as well as assistant director Jan Michelini were struck by lightning. Michelini was even struck twice!

Producer Steve McEveety explained, “I’m about a hundred feet away from them, when I glance over and see lightning coming out of Caviezel’s ears. Both Caviezel and Michelini got struck.”

He added, “The main bolt hit Caviezel and one of its forks hit Michelini’s umbrella.”

According to The-Numbers, the 2004 film grossed $622.3 million worldwide. It earned $370.7 million domestically. It had an $83.8 million opening weekend. It’s production budget was only $25 million.

The sequel is expected to be titled The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection.

Are you looking forward to the sequel? What do you make of Caviezel’s comments regarding Hollywood and superhero films?

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