There are many types of mutants out there. Flying ones, strong ones, invisible ones, psychics, elementals. In a lot of ways, mutants are an ecosystem all their own, complete with a food chain. With so many in one place, it’s amazing that there haven’t been cases of some going missing.

Indeed, there are those mutants that prey upon their brethren. Not like Sabretooth, that does it for sport – but to survive and often to fuel their own uncanny abilities. By nature, these types of characters are typically villains – but with Krakoa’s blanket policy of amnesty, they’re neighbors. Here are the most lethal mutant predators of them all.

10. Rogue

Anna Marie Lebeau is by far one of the strongest on this list, but she’s not a true “predator.” She’s always used her ability to drain the lifeforce and powers from subjects sparingly. Since her famous assault of Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Rogue tries to avoid making skin-to-skin contact with others. Although in her younger years, she was quite the wolf.

Probably don’t need to be explaining this – but when Rogue takes the powers and abilities of others, if she holds on the transfer can last longer than she’d like. Possibly permanently. That also goes for the memories and personalities of her victims. However, her powers are those of an apex predator.

9. Gauntlet

The first, non-mutant on this list is also the first Dark Rider that we will be talking about. Although Gauntlet isn’t a mutant, but an Inhuman, he’s been the longtime leader of a group of Stryfe followers. He and his team hunt down and kill mutants they find to be ‘unworthy.’ An extension of Apocalypse’s credo.

Outside of his grotesque appearance, the source of his Inhuman heritage is murky. He obviously has increased strength, speed, reflexes, and durability, but outside of toting an array of weapons – Gauntlet’s powers are relatively unknown. His resume includes nearly defeating Apocalypse and the murder of Elixir (though he later resurrected himself).

8. Lifeforce

Because she was never more than a ‘90s era henchmen, there is not too much known about Lifeforce besides that she was a member of Genesis’ villainous Dark Riders. Lifeforce had the savage mutant ability to leech the lifeforce from others to fuel her own ability to project concussive blasts of energy.

She demonstrated this power for the first time when she and her fellow Dark Riders were ordered to hunt down a former member. After cornering Foxbat, she drained him completely. Lifeforce died two-years later during a failed attempt to re-implant Wolverine with adamantium.

7. Krakoa, the Living Island

Krakoa may have become the core of the new mutant nation, but it’s still a predator and mutant itself. Krakoa thrives off of the psionic energy of other mutants. This was made evident when the X-Men first encountered it. Cyclops, Jean, Angel, Iceman, Havok, and Polaris were captured and fed upon.

Cyclops was eventually freed by Moira’s team of X-Men; Darwin, Sway, Petra, and Vulcan though at the cost of all their lives. Cyclops would lead another team of X-Men and successfully saved the rest. Krakoa would go through several more evolutions before finally becoming the mutant-friendly landmass it is today. However, it still feeds, albeit, without harming anyone.

6. Caliban

A member of the subterranean society of mutants called Morlocks, Caliban has several mutant powers. On top of being able to mentally sense and track mutants, he can also induce and intensify the fears of others. A skill he used to serve Callisto while searching for other less fortunate mutants.

Though he started out as seemingly harmless – Caliban would eventually become a horseman of Apocalypse. After being transformed into a hulking version of himself he gained super strength, durability, senses and other beastly attributes including talons and teeth. He also gained the ability to feed off of the fear he induced in others, making himself stronger.

5. Trevor Fitzroy

One of the more notorious and unredeemable villains within the X-Men catalog, Trevor Fitzroy is a mutant time-traveler and a son of the Black King, Sebastian Shaw. To break the barrier of time he first has to absorb lifeforce from another living being.

When he arrived in the present – from Bishop’s timeline – Fitzroy became involved with a group of villains called the Upstarts and participated in a murder game (proctored by Selene) to gain entry into the Hellfire Club. He put into motion events that led to the deaths of most of Emma Frost’s students – the Hellions.

4. Sauron

Though not technically a mutant, Karl Lykos, after being infected by a mutant pterodactyl was transformed into a being that preys on the lifeforce of others. He may be able to survive without doing it – but his energy siphoning is much like an addiction.

When he comes into contact with mutant energy, Karl transforms into Sauron. As Sauron, he has superhuman attributes, a hypnotic gaze, and can detect the presence of mutants. Not dissimilar to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Sauron and Karl are nothing alike. Karl is typically kind, and Sauron is savage and merciless.

3. Emplate

Though often considered a B-list threat – Emplate was a chief concern of the X-Men in training team, Generation-X. He stayed in their orbit mostly due to his relation to two (or three, depending on how you look at it) of their members – his sisters, Penance, and Monet.

Whether being a result of some mystical influence, or a side-effect of his interdimensional powers, Emplate must feed upon the marrow of other mutants to stay in this plane of existence. After doing so, he can also mimic their powers.

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Emplate can visually track a mutant’s aura and prey upon them invisibly by slipping between dimensions. Doing this also allows him to pass through solid objects. After feeding, sometimes his subjects are transformed into similar vampiric beings. In at least one future timeline, “emplates” are a huge menace.

2. Omega Red

Even before Omega Red was given his carbonadium armor and coils, he was a predator of men as a well-known serial killer in Russia. Outside of having several superhuman attributes, and being incredibly durable, Omega Red produces pheromones called ‘death spores.’

This visual cloud saps the strength and kills most people around him – though superhumans like Wolverine tend to be able to withstand it for longer periods of time. Another side effect of the spores allows him to drain life from those around him – something he needs to do to survive due to his transformation being relatively incomplete.

1. Selene

Among those on Krakoa, Selene may possibly be the oldest. Even older than the eternal one himself, Apocalypse. Other than possibly being one of the first mutants to appear on Earth, she’s a member of an even more exclusive group – the Externals. Mean’s as long as she’s not killed, she’ll live indefinitely.

Selene was born sometime in the Hibernian age – around 15 to 20 thousand years ago. Her mutant ability is similar to that of a vampire. After taking her fill of lifeforce she gains access to a number of abilities including telekinesis, telepathy, super strength, and durability. She can also bring objects to life – however, that might be due to her knowledge of sorcery.

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The threat that Selene continues to be is rooted not just in her vampiric abilities but her centuries of experience and lust for power. During her latest campaign for power in Necrosha-X, she took advantage of her mystical prowess, the transmode virus and millions of dead mutants upon Genosha. Today, she and Emplate live upon Krakoa using their powers to keep track of the population.

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