Atomic Basement comic shop owner Mike Wellman took to Facebook to threaten to “beat the living f*** out of” Ethan Van Sciver as well as blow his “f***ing face off [his] skull.”

Wellman’s comments came in response to a post from Van Sciver responding to famed G.I. JOE writer Larry Hama describing Comicsgate.

Larry Hama’s Comments

Hama described Comicsgate as a “group of comics pros who are reviving waning careers by pandering to misogynists, racists and homophobes.”

Hama added, “They have a hit list of creators they consider libtard SJWs. Pretty much everybody I admire in the business is on that list, so I am rather proud of my inclusion.”

Ethan Van Sciver’s Response

Van Sciver responded to these comments saying, “I’ve got bad news for you, Larry Hama. If there WERE a list, which there isn’t, you wouldn’t be on it.”

He continued, “We love you. Richard C Meyer especially admires you, and cites your comics as the reason he chose to enlist and serve his country.”

“Your GI JOE comics, and their lessons in loyalty, inspired us all to stand up for each other as your friends tried to exert pressure on us to betray what we knew was right,” added Van Sciver.

He continued, “We stood behind Richard C. Meyer in his lawsuit against Mark Waid because of your GI JOE comics, and we have stood together in solidarity in not giving Kickstarter our business because of their persecution of conservatives and political discrimination.”

“You taught us what it means to be Real American Heroes. You inspire #ComicsGate,” concluded Van Sciver.

Mike Wellman’s Threats of Violence

In response to this post, Wellman threatened Van Sciver with physical violence. (Archive:

He wrote, “I can’t wait to see you at a show Ethan and beat the living f*** out of you.”

He would then double down, “I am literally going to beat your ass! How dare you insult legends like Larry Hama as well as our industry itself.”

He added, “F*** you! I am a “libtard” with fists. You’re going to feel them the next we are at a convention together.”

Wellman reiterated, “I am going to beat the living f*** out of you in front of EVERYBODY!!!”

Wellman then called Van Sciver a “b****.” He stated, “You’re such a little cowardly b****, Ethan Van Sciver. Let’s fight. Let me feed you a fist sandwich you little b****.”

Van Sciver responded, “I might make a video about this dude. Considering it.”

Van Sciver also posted on Twitter a Facebook DM from Wellman threatening to murder him.

The DM reads, “Give me your home address and give the police an actual reason to be concerned cuz I will come to your house and blow your f***ing face off your skull!!! That is a fact!”

Van Sciver read the DM thread on a YouTube livestream.

The conversation begins with Wellman threatening to beat his ass.

Wellman states, “I’m coming to beat your ass, son. Why not make it a feature at an upcoming comic convention? Could be fun! I’m going to beat your ass either way. But let’s let people have an opportunity to enjoy me beating your ass in public, right?”

Van Sciver responds, “Bro: there aren’t going to be anymore conventions. You’re going to have to wake up.”

Wellman replies, “I’ll just come find you at your home then. What’s your address? Put your big boy pants on and tell me where you live.”

Van Sciver asks, “Mike, do you have family?’

Wellman then states, “Tell me where you live so I can drive right up to your house and home deliver the ass whipping you deserve!”

Van Sciver says, “Take care of your family during this hard time.”

Wellman continues, “It doesn’t matter if I have family or not. Did you vote for Trump? You are deflecting.”

Van Sciver then writes, “It does. It does matter. Your family needs you.”

The two then get into a back and forth between Comicsgate before Wellman then presses him again on his support for Donald Trump.

Van Sciver then relays he got the murder threat, seen above.

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Previous Threats Against Ethan Van Sciver

This isn’t the first time Van Sciver has received threats against him. Back in November 2017, he received multiple threats in advance of a fan signing at Gotham City Pizza in Orlando, Florida.

He documented his trip to the pizza shop and the subsequent vandalization of the shop following his visit.

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In January 2018, Van Sciver would also be threatened by Doom Rocket editor Jarrod Jones and Chunk Kelly. The two threatened Van Sciver with violence if he happened to be in attendance at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington.

On Facebook, Kelly asked, “Does anyone know if EVS is coming to ECCC?”

Jones would reply, “I was thinking the saaame thing.”

He added, “*cracks knuckles*”

Kelly then stated, “I have purposely stayed out of the Twitter battles and off his radar because what I believe needs to be said to him does not require words.”

Jones replied, “I feel the same way. Sciver — and everyone backing D&C — needs to learn a bit of humility.”

Kelly concluded, “How lucky for them that #MRDRS happens to teach an advanced class.”

What do you make of Wellman’s comments?

**Editor’s Note: This article was updated with a tweet from Ethan Van Sciver showing a DM from Wellman threatening to murder him. The headline has also been updated**

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