An alleged description of Sony’s upcoming Venom 2 trailer has leaked online.

The description was leaked to the MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit by user Cry0Gaming.

Not only was the description leaked, but apparently Cry0Gaming translated the description from Russian using the Russian website Yandex.

As described by Cry0Gaming, the trailer begins by showing a wide shot of San Francisco during Halloween as kids are shown in costumes trick or treating at a large house.

The kids more than likely didn’t get a treat, as Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Cassady answers the door and asks them, “Sweet or Foul?” Although it could be Trick or Treat and the Sweet or Foul could be a translation error.

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After asking the question, he takes off his Halloween mask revealing Cassady’s face. But it’s not just Cassady’s face, it’s also half Carnage showing his “red face with its open mouth and sharp teeth.” Cassady then says, “I think it will be disgusting.”

The trailer then will cut to a scene of the police chasing Cassady, who is apparently chasing Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock. There’s then a scene of a police officer asking Brock about Cassady’s location.

The trailer then cuts again with Brock reading a newspaper with a photo of an orphanage on fire. While Brock is reading the paper, Cassady’s voice is heard saying, “Taking the lies of others is pure art.”

The next scene shows Eddie walking around a San Francisco neighborhood where he tells Venom, “He’s going to finish this.”

Following this, there’s a transformation scene as Brock turns into Venom in midair and he climbs into a church where Cassady is.

As the trailer comes to an end, it darkens and we hear Cassady say, “My goal is greater then death.”

The final scene shows a police officer discharge his weapon , but Cassady catches the bullet or the police officer, it’s a little unclear with one of his symbiotic tendrils. It’s then detailed that he more than likely transforms into Carnage. The trailer ends with the police officer beginning to scream.

Cry0Gaming would reiterate in the comments that this is a “bonafide version of Cletus” in regards to a comment about the insinuation that Carnage killed the trick or treaters.

“This is definitely a bonafide version of Cletus because of that too. The line “Taking the lives of others is a pure art” is perfect for Cletus too as it fits with his mind state,” writes Cry0Gaming. “And actually, realistically there have been cases where psychopathic serial killers said that they believe what they did was a work of art that should be appreciated. Would love to just KNOW that Cletus ate some kids because his carnage knows no bounds as he eats and kills everyone in his way.”

Take a look at the full description below:

VENOM 2 Trailer Russian Leak Translated from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

Venom 2 is currently slated to be released on October 2, 2020. The film is directed by Andy Serkis based off a script written by Kelly Marcel. It stars Tom Hardy, Woddy Harrelson, Michelle Williams, and Naomie Harris.

What do you make of this alleged trailer description? Are you looking forward to Venom 2?

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