Dead By Daylight Goes Mobile, Will It Be A Survivor?

Game streamers, horror fans, and PvP gamers all know Dead By Daylight.

The multi-platform 1 versus 4 killer against survivor game is wildly popular since its initial release in 2017.

Dead by Daylight announced they will be making the jump to mobile phones, as it will hit IOS and Android on April 16th.

Make no mistake, the definitive Dead By Daylight (DBD) experience is on a gaming PC or a console, however, Behaviour Interactive is counting on a burgeoning mobile gaming market to increase DBD’s presence and popularity.

In Dead By Daylight, players can choose from an array of killers, such as Michael Myers from Halloween, Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, or Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The killer is a lone wolf experience, in contrast to playing as a survivor, which teams the player up with 3 other players or friends.

Survivors include Bill from Left4Dead, Laurie Strode from Halloween, and Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington from Stranger Things.

For players that don’t want to spend money on the premium DLC characters, the game still provides interesting original characters available for use as killers or survivors.

There will be cosmetic items and in-game currency given away for players who pre-register for DBD mobile.

Players who want to pre-register on Android or IOS can do so here.

Fill out the form and select your phone type, and you should have access to the giveaway goodies at launch.

The DBD dev team recently posted a road to launch blog that highlights two new game features exclusive to the mobile version.

The first feature is the bloodmarket. Similar to the bloodweb on console and PC, this is the game’s system of leveling for killers and survivors.

The other new feature is disconnection bots. If a killer or survivor disconnects during a match, a bot is generated to replace them.

This way, all remaining players can finish the match and still get the credit for playing it.

Triple A titles that go mobile can sometimes have a rough time gaining traction.

It’ll be interesting to see if Dead By Daylight has what it takes to make it in the mobile gaming market.

The biggest issue will be the controls and the mapping of the actions that a player is responsible for as a killer or survivor.

If Behaviour can recreate the fun and frantic experience that so many PC and console players enjoy, Dead by Daylight mobile will make a killing.

Do you think DBD will survive in the mobile market? Share your opinions below.

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