New Resident Evil 8 rumors have surfaced that detail the game’s title, the setting, a new enemy type, and more.

This latest set of rumors comes from Biohazard Declassified. They detail they received an email regarding the next Resident Evil game that reveals that it will take fans back to Europe to do battle with hordes of the undead.

The first bit of information this leaker details is the game’s title. The game will reportedly be called Resident Evil: Village. For astute fans they’ll notice that the first four letters in village can also be made to look like the roman numeral for eight.

This type of tease is not unheard of. For Resident Evil: Biozhazard, Capcom highlighted the fact that it was Resident Evil 7 by transforming the last three letters of “evil” into the Roman numeral for the number seven.

Here’s a photo for reference:

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Chris Redfield

Not only did this leaker detail the alleged title of the game, but they also indicated that Chris Redfield would be playing a prominent role in this game.

The rumor states that Chris will primarily be shown in flashback sequences with Mia, Ethan, and their child. Not only will he be shown in these flashback sequences, but he will also be seen shooting one of them as he breaks into their home.

What could this mean? Honestly it’s hard to gauge at this point with so little of the story narrative known. Anything from false memories, Chris breaking, to even hallucinations could help explain what’s going on.

Ethan Winters

While not specifically credited to the leaker, Biohazard Declassified posits their own theory about Ethan Winters given it appears he will have an elevated role as well.

That theory sees Winters acting more like Ash Williams from the Evil Dead as he becomes a “lone-wolf” type character, where he sees it as his mission to wipe evil from the face of the Earth.

Last we saw Ethan he was in Louisiana dealing with a cannibal family in the vein of Leatherface and The Hills Have Eyes.


One of the major story mechanics that will be used in the game are hallucinations. These hallucinations are expected to make it difficult for players to figure out what exactly is happening and just who you should trust.

It also appears they will be implemented as a game mechanic as well as it will make it more difficult for players to discern their environment.

A Nasty Lady

The leak also details a monster, that if true, will give players a great deal of heartache and possibly nightmares. In Bioharzard’s original leak article they detail the inclusion of a monster known as the Witch. She is similar to what players had to deal with in Marguerite Baker in Resident Evil 7; she uses insects to mess with the player. Apparently, she will even become part of the insects once she is defeated.

It’s also being reported that she will “haunt” the player throughout the game, within the demo at least, and has a creepy and distinctive “laugh”.

The Setting

The game is expected to take players to Europe, which is where Redfield and Winters will meet up and trigger a flashback.

Gameplay Mechanics

As far as gameplay mechanics, it’s rumored that Resident Evil 8 will feature an inventory management system. According to Biohazard’s leaker Capcom is “testing both a Resident Evil 7 style UI alongside a Resident Evil 4 style.”

Revelations 3 Turned Into Resident Evil 8

In a separate rumor, Dusk Golem reports that an originally planned Resident Evil 8 game was going to be used for Revelations 3. However, over time Revelations 3 would revert back to Resident Evil 8.

Dusk Golem explains, “Revelations 3 was a similar thing, the original idea was for RE8, there was more than one RE8 pitch that turned into something else (End of Zoe being another example).

Dusk Golem elaborated noting that Revelations 3 would revert back into Resident Evil 8.

He writes, “Of course, Rev 3 ended up being turned back into RE8 now due to circumstance and quality, so we are where we are now.”

He then reiterated, “The thing I know is Revelations 3 got turned into RE8 for cross-gen platforms and is being heavily worked on and a lot of changes made to it.”

What do you make of these latest Resident Evil 8 rumors?

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