Valiant Comics Senior Editor Heather Antos Claims “America” Has The Worst Fans

Former Marvel Comics editor and now a Senior Editor at Valiant Comics Heather Antos declared that “America” has the worst fans.

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Twitter user Hunktears asked, “What thing has the worst fans?”

Antos, who is editing X-O Manowar, responded with one word, “America.” (Archive link:

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She would double down when Hunktears detailed that the best reply was “Jesus Christ.”

Antos responded, “What can I say…the worst fans.”

Antos would be heavily criticized for her response, at least one person mocked Marvel Comics’ America series.

Antos would respond to the replies claiming they justify her answer.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Antos is quickly becoming synonymous with idiocy rather than a comic book editor. Back in 2018, she tweeted, “HE HAS RISEN!!! JK April fools.”

Her time at Valiant Comics has also seen a significant decline in comic book sales. Sales to retailers as reported by Diamond Comics from January 2018 to 2020 decreased by nearly 48%. The average number of copies shipped decreased by nearly 40%. Antos joined Valiant at the beginning of 2019.

She is currently editing Quantum & Woody, The Final Witness, X-O Manowar, Shadowman, and “another fan-favorite franchise that will be announced later this year.”

The newly released X-O Manowar was panned by diehard Valiant Comics on the ValiantFans forum.

One user described the Antos-edited series as “absolutely atrocious, and a disgraceful entry in the XO/Valiant universe.” They added, “These guys should be ashamed of themselves for publishing it – might actually be worse than the infamous “XO bike” idea.”

Others added, “The writing’s been on the wall since this new crew took over, not only are none of them Valiant fans, they can’t be bothered to do more than cursory glance at the comics that have come before.”

Still another wrote, “Garbage. Totally ignores Venditti and Kindt’s run. Feels like an acclaim series. They should call it X-O: Rising Spirit.”

Another wrote, “This was bad, really bad. The pencils down mandate might be a blessing in disguise.” They went on to comment about Antos saying, “Dallow was right about Antos, the way she raves about this book on Twitter, how is she senior editor, how sway?!?!?”

Finally, one user added, “This was a bad book. I’m going stop being so hard on Dead Drop. This was my first valiant purchase in several months. It was worse than I expected. And I expected a subpar book. On the bright side, at least it failed spectacularly.”

What do you make of Antos’ comments regarding America?

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