A War Machine TV series featuring Riri Williams is rumored to be in development at Marvel Studios for Disney Plus.

The rumor comes from Mikey Sutton in his Geekosity Facebook group.

Sutton explains, “Tony Stark may be dead, but his technology will continue to haunt the MCU for possibly decades. A War Machine TV series has been planned for Disney+ since the beginning.”

He adds, “Marvel Studios sees unfulfilled potential in the character, one with more of a military bent. Disney+ provides them the opportunity to dig deeper into the character, explore his dark psychological corners.”

Sutton details that development on the show has currently quieted down due to the current coronavirus pandemic, but indicates it will pick back up once the virus has been dealt with.

“With the corona virus halting productions — which is also making fools buy pointless issues of Spider-Man — development of War Machine has quieted down but will rocket to the surface again once the pandemic has drifted into irrelevance,” says Sutton.

As far as what the show might be about, he notes “details are scarce.”

However, Sutton does state, “Discussions were for War Machine to take a decidedly adult route. Not adult as Jessica Jones on Netflix, but a more somber tone with dealing with PTSD and brutal (albeit not bloody) violence and grey morality.”

“This will be Marvel Studios’ opportunity to have an Iron Man TV series, taking the time to what it truly feels like to be the man in the box. Expect a stronger military feel; they don’t call him War Machine for nothing,” says Sutton.

He concludes noting that the show will feature Riri Williams who ends up becoming Ironheart in the comics. Sutton writes, “Yet what might end up being the Big Deal is that the show will feature Riri Williams.”

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On The Lords of the Longbox YouTube channel, host Tim Vo then goes into what he calls his lightning round and lists off a number of characters. It’s unclear if these characters could show up in the show or not.

The list of characters includes The Winter Guard team which consists of Steel Guardian, Vanguard, Sibercat, Darkstar, Vostok, Fantasma, and Powersurge.

Other characters mentioned include Dirge, Jonathan Darque as Magma, Thunderball, The Living Laser, and the Force Works team.

This isn’t the first time Riri Williams has been mentioned in connection with an MCU appearance. Last year a report indicated that Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. was interested in seeing Riri Williams enter the MCU.

Ironheart writer Eve Ewing claimed Robert Downey Jr. “said publicly in a room full of people that Ironheart should be in the MCU.”

However, she later stated, “Just kidding, the REAL story is this smokey eye.”

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There was also an Avengers: Endgame theory from 2018 that indicated Ironheart could show up in the film. That theory stemmed from an Ironheart script that was posted to The Black List written by Jada Rodriguez.

The Black List describes itself as “a survey of the most liked unproduced screenplays of that year. The annual lists are aggregated using votes from film executives working in the film industry.”

They add, “At its heart the annual Black Lists are meant to shine a light on extraordinary screenwriting, some of which may have been overlooked more broadly.”

Given Marvel Studios has already announced a Ms. Marvel as well as a Hawkeye series starring Kate Bishop, I wouldn’t be surprised if this show does get the greenlight and a Riri Williams solo series or even movie is spun out of it.

What do you make of this new rumor? Would you be interested in a War Machine series featuring Riri Williams?

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