Dr. Stone Mangaka Apologizes to Fans as Weekly Shonen Jump Delayed Due to COVID-19

Weekly Shonen Jump will face a delay to their publishing schedule due to a possible COVID-19 Coronavirus infection at their offices, prompting one creator to apologize to fans for the inconvenience.

On April 8th, Shueisha announced that they would be delaying publication of Weekly Shonen Jump for one week, due to the possibility that a member of their editorial team contracted COVID-19 leading to a halt on the work of the entire editorial department.

This positive diagnosis led to the publisher issuing a ‘work from home’ order for its staff, starting this past Monday, April 6th.

Shueisha has stressed that the potentially infected employee was not in a position that was in direct contact with any manga creators.

As a result of this delay, Issue 21, which was set to be released on April 20th, will now be combined with Issue 22, releasing as a double issue on April 27th. Issue 20 is still scheduled to release on this coming Monday, April 13th.

A detailed rundown of the scheduling changes was published in English by Twitter user MangaPlusENG.

Following the announcement, Dr. Stone mangaka Riichiro Inagaki apologized to the fans for the delay while also reassuring them that Dr. Stone’s production would not be interrupted:

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